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Where can I download ver 4.27 firmware for the RC-1216H?
Nizar K0NM

I recently had a problem with a new TS-480 RRC system. It would lose connection every 10 minutes or so. A looked at the router log and it showed no disruption of services. So, the problem had to be with the RRC. Upon examination of the settings in the RRC Radio box, I found that I had set the PING settings to ping the router every 10 minutes or so. Obviously, the router did not respond to the ping and the RRC started to reboot. Once I disabled the PING, the RRC and the TS-480 have been on for over 30 minutes without reboot. So, unless you are in a very remote area with poor internet service, rethink setting the PING settings in the RRC.
Nizar K0NM

I have had this problem with some hotels in Germany. After about two days of working with the tech guys serving the hotel, I found out that they limit the use of pets to minimize abuse. I could have changed the ports. I could have also used VPN, which the tech guys allow. Both were too much trouble for the short time I sped there.

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Mike and Serge,

I have had a USB connector come loose from the PCB after several months of use. All of a sudden, I had no COM ports just like you. The USB connector is soldered on to the PCB without any through holes to anchor it. I sent the PCB to RR so they could see the issue.  This is definitely a weak area if you use the USB connector a lot.

Serge, if the unit was working fine and it suddenly does not create the virtual COM ports, I would open up the box and re-solder the USB connector. Always look for mechanical failures first. You have already ruled out the cables. The software has not changed and there is no reason to debug the computer. The RRC electronics has been rock solid for me for over 4 years without any electronic failures inside the RRC box except for the mechanical failure with the USB connector on the PCB.

Nizar K0NM

I have a K3 and RRC at my ranch. I use the Verizon wireless router for my Internet connection. Every once in a while, the cell tower gets hit by lightning and the data rates drop. The ping time will change from about 69 msec to 200 msec instead of the solid 69 msec. The received audio at my Control site becomes interrupted as you describe. I run Speedtest from Ookla to look at ping time. I look at the  download and upload speeds. The data is plotted for about 10 seconds on my phone, so you can see actual data drop outs, mostly in the upload speeds. I find the Speedtest program extremely useful in diagnosing Internet connection problems, before I go searching for issues with the RRC box.
Nizar K0NM


I have used Verizon for my remote connection at my ranch for four years. you have to get a Fixed IP address from Verizon. I use Cradlepoint modem/router. It has been rock solid even when LTE rolls back to 4G or 3G. I have operated two day contests without any problems with the RRC or the Cradlepoint router.


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General discussion forum / Re: CW sending screwing up!
« on: 2016-11-08, 20:22:04 »
I have been using the TS-480 system for almost four years and have used it several times during contests without any problems. Except, last weekend during the ARRL SSCW contest. I operated from my hotel room and checked everything the day before. Just when it was time to start the contest, I realized that the hotel had filled up with video game convention. My connection to the hotel internet service got really slow. So, I switched over to using my iPhone hotspot and even the cell service was running slow. Apparently, my LTE connection was downgraded to 4G due to overload and I kept getting my call changed from NM to TEM. I realized that the jitter and the delays with a crowded internet service was changing my N to TE. My call was being sent back to me as K0TEM.

This was the first time in four years that I have actually observed the effect of jitter and delay in cell/internet service on CW being sent by RRC. I also noticed that every once in a while the receiver would blank out for about tenth of a seconds due to gaps in the received signal. This made it very difficult to operate the CW contest. Early next morning, the TS-480 worked perfectly- again. The video gamers were asleep at 5 am and my hotspot had full LTE signal. I called CQ and people responded with the proper K0NM call.

Bottom line is you have to have a good internet connection or you will have drops in CW transmission resulting in gibberish at times.

Nizar K0NM


I also have to compliment you and your staff on a superbly reliable system. My two systems have been in operation for four years and no problems what so ever. I use the CradlePoint modem/router at my remote ranch setup and it works all the time, without failing. I turn on the K3/0 power button at home and the remote system comes up with a  K3 and SPE 2K running 1500 watts. Rotate the tower with RC 1216 and get superb quality CW reports (except for my fist). I have even operated several CW contest from home with no problems. My only recommendation to you and your staff is make the Instructions easier to read. Sometime, the translation of the English ends up in instructions that are difficult to understand and result in a steep learning curve.

Nizar K0NM

I have the same problem with my iPhone hot spot and the RRC wifi connection. I called Apple and they said that the hotspot only becomes active once there is a request to use it from the device. So, turning the rig button on sometimes helps to activate the hotspot connection. K0NM Nizar

General discussion forum / Re: Working Remoterig Mobile
« on: 2015-12-14, 19:29:43 »
I have been using the TS-480 head and the RRC 1258 with Wifi for a couple of years. I use the Hotspot from my iPhone to connect to the Internet. It works great. It is pretty neat to be able to tool down the road with no antennas showing and work my home rig with a huge antenna and 1KW. I have been signing as K0NM/MR for mobile remote. Nizar K0NM

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: N1MM CAT Control and Keying
« on: 2013-09-07, 16:12:06 »
I am using one of the Rs232 ports to pass the CAT information to my laptop for operating the TS480 remotely. When I try to run N1MM at the same time, it tells me that the com port is not available. Is there a way to pass the CAT info to two ports in the RRC? If so, I can use the second port for N1MM.
Nizar K0NM

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