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General discussion forum / Expert 2k-fa
« on: 2014-10-19, 22:44:19 »
I ordered expert 1K-FA and doesn't look like I will get this soon cause factory is "bit behind" now I have a question about 2k-fa (they might have it this pa sooner)is this is fully remote pa ?can I use this amplifier from web (RC1216) or has to be serial connection from RRC, I looked already some post from 2011 and was some sort of problem .
Does anybody have experience with Acom 2000 ?
Thank you

It turns out that Internet service was down at my remote site sorry for my to early post I was digging in forum instead check all out

Hi Mitch
I think I have same problem do you think I can have someone check radio end and get new ip (what's then using using remote rig status page change it 

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