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OK, I think I'm finally one step closer to finding the problem.  I couldn't get the two boxes to communicate with each other until I changed the transceiver to "TRANSPARENT" on both Remote Rig Controllers in the Radio Settings.  If I set it to "E880" the boxes will not see each other.  I'm getting the boxes to say hello to each other now but still the radio will not turn on.  My mind keeps going back to the HM133 adapter PCBS.  Is it possible I was sent the wrong ones again? Can I bypass the PCB adapters just to see if I can get the rig to turn on?  Is it possible that these PCBS only work with the E880 and not the 880H?  I think I'm on the right path this time.  I can taste the radios trying to turn on. LOL 

Thanks for the response.  Right now I can't get the control panel to turn on.  If I understand correctly, I should be able to connect the two RRC's via a network cable to see if the control head will turn the radio on.  What do I need to do on the configuration side to make the two boxes work without the LAN? 

Thanks again. :)

General discussion forum / Voltage problems using ICOM 880H
« on: 2014-09-18, 07:02:37 »
I'm trying to use Remote Rig with an ICOM 880H but I'm running into a voltage problem on the control side.  This issue I'm experiencing right now is that I'm not getting the necessary 8V to turn the ICOM remote head on.  I've tried different power supplies that are 12V and at least 1.5A.  I'm checking voltage out of the TTL and when the jumper is set for ICOM, I only get about 1.8V instead of 8V.  Furthermore, when I remove the jumper to get 9V It actually jumps to 6.8V! It's still not enough to power the head unit but something doesn't seem right because that's quite a jump from 1.8 to 6.8 volts.  I think I'm at the point where I need some help.  Please. :P

I don't really mind if I can't use the buttons on the microphone.  Is it essential that I use the board?  If so, is the wiring on the RR the same as a 706?


I will be installing my Remote Rig with an Icom ID-880H but I accidentally purchased the HM-133 adapter for the ICOM 2820H.  Can I still use it with this rig? I'd like to know before I return it.  Thanks!

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