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General discussion forum / Re: Power failure
« on: 2019-08-16, 08:10:10 »
The units are build with consumer spec components (0- +40C) so if they do not start at some degrees below 0 we have to accept it but if they do not start at +17 then I suggest you send us the PCB.

73 de mike

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: CW Delay Settings and Winkeyer
« on: 2019-08-12, 08:47:30 »

Yes as the Winkeyer emulation is done in the Control-RRC

73 de mike


Key delay sets the time in ms that the Radio-RRC will buffer incomming CW from the Control-RRC before it starts to transmit. The function will be similar to the Jitter buffers for the audio

73 de mike

The Jitterbuffer settings are never involved in CW-keying, But the buffering controlled by the "Key delay ms" settings is active even for the IN0 (straight keying) input if Keyer is Enabled

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: Power failure
« on: 2019-08-07, 20:16:33 »
Yellow and Red at the same time meaning that the CPU does not start.

That's how it use to look like when the unit is hit by lightning

73 de mike

Yes you can use RS-BA1 via Remoterig,  That's quite common. Just see the Remoterig as a extension of the serial cable.
73 de mike

General discussion / Re: Wrong device type
« on: 2019-07-21, 22:58:32 »
Never heard this have happened before. But until the correct firmware is loaded into the 1274B it shows up as a USB drive.
Browse the "USB-drive" and delete the file firmware.bin.
download this file unzip it and copy the .bin file to the "USB-drive". Wait 10 secs and disconnect and connect the USB it should not show up as a USB drive any more.

here is about the same procedure described, when updating the the firmware

73 de mike

Det finns inga speciella inställningar för Wifi. Det skall inte vara nån skillnad mot kabel om signalen är bra, då är det nått annat som stör eller belastar accesspunkten. Särskilt på äldre grejer så var det ibland problem med att dom cykliskt provade olika moder så det kom hack med jämna mellanrum. Men jag tycker det är sällan man hör nått om sånt numera

73 de micke

use mode 1


Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: OUT0 ALWAYS ON
« on: 2019-06-26, 07:33:13 »
Hi, there is no Relay in place, the output is wired direct to T1 (FDV301) via R123 (0 ohm). if you can measure that the level on the T1 gate is changing when activating out 0, the T1 can easily be replaced. But if the gate is not changing level then the CPU is damaged and the CPU is not repairable. There is no local service in the US, but if it's only T1 which is damaged you can replace it by your self.

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: Install WiFi Pins
« on: 2019-06-23, 17:16:28 »
it's described quite well at the website, difficult to do it better here

73 de mike

Hi yes if you activate the yeasu power  on/off function in the RRC it sends the correct PS message, but it does not help as  there is no dummy data sent 1-2 sec before.

Difficult to solve it has been better if HRD had sent  a ; and 1.5 sec later PS command

73 de mike

In the CAT protocol for FT-991 it says about the PS command (power on/off) "this command requires  dummy data be initially sent , Then after one second and before two seconds the command is sent".

It's difficult to say what the problem is, maybe the dummy data sent by HRD are not formatted like a normal message, then it will not be forwarded by the RRCs.

You can try to use mode 3 instead of 4 then the terminator is not needed

73 de mike

If you connect HRD direct to the radio via RS-232 does it start then ?
As the Remoterig only transfer the data, the start command should come from HRD

73 de mike

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