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The PTT wire (yellow) in the Microbit RJ45 Mic/Aux cable had pulled out of the RJ45 connector at the RRC end. This was an expensive cable and probably needs a better strain relief on the RJ45 end, or explicit instructions not to allow that cable to bend.

I snipped off the RJ45 connector, crimped a new one on and moved the RRC further back on the operating table to keep the RJ45/K3 Mic cable flat and PTT is back working.

K3/Mini to K3 Twin configuration. all has been working fine with mic/headphone audio connected directly to the control RRC. I have it connected that way because connecting mic/headphone directly to the K3/Mini causes audio problems and Elecraft sent me a new I/O board. In testing the new board (didn't fix the problem, actually caused new problems until I put the old board back) when I returned the cabling back to the baseline configuration, foot pedal PTT stopped working.

The footpedal is connected to a Bose K3 adapter which is then connected to Microbit adapter to Mic/Aux on the control RRC. I tested the footpedal with a VOM, it switches. I connected the footpedal/headset/Bose adapter directly to a K3, it PTTs - and it PTTs when directly connected to the K3/Mini.

The only things left is the Microbit adapter that goes into Mic/Aux or the RRC itself. I've made no changes to the RRC settings, but did restart both boxes with no change. Tonight I'll try to ring out the adapter cable.

Any setting I should check or something else to look at that might cause a footpedal closure not to cause PTT?

73 John K3TN

General discussion / Micro-PC and PTT again
« on: 2015-03-20, 20:22:44 »
Someone posted a hardware mod to the dongle to have an RTS driven PTT, I'm aware of that. Is there any software approach planned in any update to the client?

I have a remote K3 that is used by myself and a few others with K3s and RRCs. We have one guy who doesn't have a K3 or an RRC but has acquired the Micro-PC client and can connect and hear audio, transmit using PTT on the dongle, etc.

For contests, we use N1MM and he currently can't use N1MM in  to send CW or to PTT and send recorded audio files in SSB, since there doesn't appear to be COM3 functionality or a way to do control-side PTT, other than modifying the dongle.

Is there plan for any upgrade to support such capability? Should he just plan on modifying the dongle? Any advice from Microbit?

73 John K3TN

Hi, Mike - bingo! Since I never had speakers connected when the K3 was local, I did not have the SPKRS setting to 2 for stereo. Turn that on in the CONFIG menu and dual RX works just like locally.

Thanks, John K3TN

Now, if I could just get the N1MM SSB PTT thing to work over RemoteRig...

I bought the "K3 Twin Stereo version" and have stereo cables on all audio connections in a K3/Mini to K3 Twin setup. The Control RRC label on the bottom has the S.

With the Dual RX setting OFF, if I turn the sub RX on I hear the audio mixed into both L and R audio channels.

When I turn the Dual RX setting ON, I hear the same thing - I do not hear the main in my left ear and the sub in my right ear.

Is there something else I need to do, other than changing that one setting?

73 John K3TN

Setup: K3/Mini to K3 through Remote Rig, running N1MM+ and Classic - all works FB in CW with Winkey etc.

For last weekend's ARRL DX SSB contest, we wanted to use the N1MM+ wav files - hit F1, recorded voice says "CQ TEST" etc. In order for that to work, need to pass PTT from the PC to the remote K3.

N1RM rigged up a xistor switch from a serial port to close PTT on the control side K3, which worked fine. I'm thinking there should be a way to pass N1MM PTT thru the RRCs to the radio side K3 and do PTT there without having to add hardware and tie up a serial port on the Control side.

I'm guessing it has something thing to do with I/O settings - USB RTS as PTT on the Control side? and/or the OUT modes on the Radio RRC?

Is there a recommended/standard way to do this?

73 John K3TN

General discussion forum / Re: Web passwords
« on: 2015-03-02, 14:33:17 »
Got it now - thanks!

General discussion forum / Re: Web passwords
« on: 2015-03-02, 12:11:13 »
Thanks, Jan - let me see if I understand:

In order to set the username password, I should enter username/password in the (savings) entry boxes? Then, another user will have to enter the username/password into the top set of username/password entry boxes?

General discussion forum / Web passwords
« on: 2015-02-27, 20:31:02 »
I decided to turn on web passwords on the Radio RRC. However, what I see on the RRC is different from the manual.

On the IP settings tab I see Web page user and then Web page pwd fields but then I see additional Web page user(saving) and then Web page pwd(saving) fields that aren't explained in the manual.

I assumed the (saving) fields were for entering and saving username/password, so I entered there. In order to change some parameters after submit/apply, a login box popped up - seemed good.

But the username/password stays in those fields and are visible to anyone who connects. Removing them from those fields then seems to turn authentication off - no login required.

What are the steps to require a username/password entry for editing, without leaving the username and password visible?

Thanks, John K3TN

Thanks - that is definitely not the case for me, so I will make sure that setting stays off as it seems to cause me problems.

Thanks, Jan - per the other thread on COM0 RTS/CTS, the problem seems to have gone away after I changed COM0 RTS/CTS to OFF. Not sure what your setting for that was in this test.

Is there a use case where I would need COM0 RTS/CTS to be ON?

Thanks, John K3TN

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Serial Setting COM1 RTS/CTS
« on: 2015-02-26, 16:18:52 »
Some additional information from the N1MM+ developers: the error message I got related to COM PORT  was due to a large amount of characters being returned to N1MM+ from WinKey. N1MM+ has a 500 character buffer that was being overrun, they say a Winkey message is never over 100 characters.

This error message would occur when N1MM+ first started up. Turning COM0 RST/CTS to OFF seems to have stopped the problem.

What function/use case would I need to have COM0 RTS/CTS ON?

Thanks, John K3TN

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Serial Setting COM1 RTS/CTS
« on: 2015-02-25, 18:44:37 »
Three major problems, two I brought up here and one I brought up on the N1MM+ group because it was an N1MM+ error dump:

1. The  Radio RRC hasn't crashed since I made that change but the contest is also over and the Radio RRC is not getting hit as hard.
2. The problems with N1MM Classic ignoring Fkeys unless I hit the paddle or ESC has stopped - that appears directly related.
3. N1MM+ on startup had been giving me an error dump related to COM Port 5, which mapped to RRC COMPORT3/Extra and used for Winkey. That stopped, too. Doesn't seem like it should be related but it went away the first time I tried N1MM+ after I made that change.

It may be like thinking sacrificing a goat caused rain to fall and break the drought, but I'm will to believe sacrificing whatever COM1 RTS/CTS is for cleared up at least one of the above...

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Serial Setting COM1 RTS/CTS
« on: 2015-02-25, 13:58:39 »
To debug some of the problems I'm having with N1MM software over RemoteRig, I did a setting by setting comparison between the settings W1UE uses and graciously sent to me, and how I have the two RRCs configured.

For some reason, I had COM1 RTS/CTS set to Yes and Dennis had it at the default NO setting. I changed that setting to NO, and with limited testing my problems seem to have disappeared.

The manual says that setting "enables transfer of CTS input to the RTS output of other RRC" but nothing says why you ever want to, or not want to, do that.

Is there some mode where I would need that capability? I'm thinking I turned it on when I got FSK RTTY working - would I need it there.

73, John K3TN

Yes, when I came back I did a remote restart but it went away again later. Right now I'm reloading the last 2.85 firmware to see if that changes anything.

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