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A bit more data: the Radio RRC came back on its own after 2-3 hours,  and connecting to it via browser, the status did not show any downtime and there was no saved error message. It seems like the RRC kept running but the IP stack just wouldn't respond.

It worked for a few hours, then died again for several more hours. Then came back very briefly and stayed dead for over 8 hours - and then came back and seems to have stayed back up.

One possible common denominator: It only died when I was connected, I'm running the same 2.85 10 Feb firmware that the Radio RRC has. N1RM was also connecting at times and it never died when he was using it and it turns out he was running the 2.84 firmware load. He was never hitting it as hard as I was - I was almost always running at 120+/hour rates with lots of Fkey hitting and Winkey commands flying over the connection, while Rick was mostly doing S&P.

What failure mode would cause RRC to be unresponsive to SIP or HTTP connection or more than 1 ping, but firmware would not report downtime?

General discussion forum / Radio RRC Stopping During Contest
« on: 2015-02-22, 18:02:29 »
Been running K3 Twin in the ARRL DX CW, two different people taking turns connecting to the remote K3. We made over 3200 QSOs by early this morning when all of a sudden, in the middle of a run on 20m, the radio stopped responding (I have a K3?mini, the other guy is using his K3 in terminal mode.)

I could still hear rx audio, and I would hear sidetone when I hit the key, but the TX light wouldn't light on the K3 Mini, and there was no blanking of the RX audio when it was "sending" So, audio continued, data comms did not. Turned the K3 Mini off and on again - and got the busy signal and no connection whatsoever to the remote K3.

Found that the radio RRC could not be reached via browser. Pinging the remote router, showed all is fine there. Doing a remote VNC session to a PC on the radio LAN, still couldn't browse the RRC. The Microbit Setup Manager Find Devices command would find it, but it would launch a browser, and get no response. Pinging the RRC internal address from the radio LAN got no response.

A few hours later it started working again. Got back on and starting running like crazy on 10M, went for an hour or so and same failure mode.

Big snowstorm here means no one can get to the radio site, trying to figure this out remotely. Power issue? RFI? Software bug?

We are running the 10 Feb 2.85 version that has been stable.

Waiting to see if it comes back again, or the snow melts - whichever comes first...

John K3TN

After the ARRL CW I will try it over RemoteRig with the {END} and {CATDELAY} removed - without those two commands, on a local radio the QSY happens and then the R gets sent - I listened on my TS-850! maybe the RemoteRig "time slicing" is performing the equivalent...

Dennis - check one thing: did the VFO swap happen before the 'r' was sent??

I first tried that macro in one of the 30  minute NS Sprints and everyone complained I wasn't sending 'r' even though I heard it being sent. I looked carefully - without the {END} statement, N1MM executes the SWAP macro first then sends the 'r' - too late!

OK, Jan - I'll try to gather more data after the ARRL CW contest this weekend.

Thanks, Jan - OK, here's how I can reproduce the problem:

Running N1MM "Classic" (the old version, last one issued) in Enter Sends Message Mode.

Fkeys are set up in the typical contest fashon: F1 is CQ, F2 is Exchange, F3 is TU

Call CQ by hitting F1. Enter a call sign hit Enter - exchange in F2 is sent.

Enter the other stations exchange, hit Enter - TU K3TN is sent (or whatever you have in F3)

Repeat, now either just by entering call signs as if someone came back to your TU, or hitting Enter again to send a CQ.

After a few "QSOs" when  you hit Enter, nothing gets sent. If you then tap a dit on the paddle, the dit gets sent *and* then the Fkey message that should have gone out when  you hit Enter. If, as often happens, I hit Enter twice or tried another Fkey to see if it would work before hitting the paddle, all of the unsent messages are sent once you hit the paddle.

I did not see this behavior in the WPX RTTY contest last week, using same version of N1MM Classic and the new firmware. But that was RTTY, and had COM3 set up for FSK. I switched it back to Winkey mode - I don't think I changed anything else - or is there something I may have done going CW to FSK and back over COM3? I didn't see anything.

Running the latest beta firmware, using N1MM Classic, I seem to have FKey problems. Works fine now with N1MM+ but N1MM Classic has some issues with the new load.

When sending CW using Fkeys, all will go well for a while and then Fkeys will stop working. Hitting the paddle to send a dit will cause the unsent Fkey messages to all of a sudden be sent.

It sort of seems like the Winkey handling for N1MM+ has caused the issue to happen with Classic.

I have to run old N1MM Classic for multi-op setup at K4VV, so maybe I should revert back to 2.84 for that operation?

What external sound card are you using? I think I have a SignalLink or something that in a box from years ago before I got the Microham.

I was a remote connection to the W3UL multi during the CQ WPX RTTY. I could not get the control RRC audio to simultaneously drive the laptop mic input and my headphones. One or the other worked fine, the two off of a Y cable would cause very low audio input into MMTTY running on the laptop.

I ran it the new load constantly over the weekend during the CQ WPX RTTY, but mostly running N1MM classic and no CW. No problems. Outside of the contest, I ran N1MM+ on the new firmware and had no problems but not exhaustive testing by any means.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Missing COMFSK?
« on: 2015-02-13, 21:54:40 »
I tried connecting headphone to laptop headphone jack. That works fine when only headphone is connected. When RRC is connected to PC sound card in, and headphone to PC soundcard out, I get some kind of feedback/oscillation that screws everything up.

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Missing COMFSK?
« on: 2015-02-13, 21:30:21 »
I have FSK working with K3 Mini/K3 remote, pretty much following the manual plus W1UE directions plus SM2O added the part about using Inverted in Out1 Mode. I can send, I can receive using MMTTY in either N1MM or N1MM+

One issue: I take audio from Control RRC front SPKR connection to PC sound card. But now I can't hear the audio, because to do so I had to remove the headphones from that jack.

I put a stereo Y in but that seems to load it down - MMTTY doesn't display spectrum anymore. I don't think the RRC can drive both the PC sound card and the headphones in parallel.

My Mini seems to have an audio problem, which is why I'm doing mic and headphone audio from the RRC. Elecraft sent me a new audio I/O board for the mini, haven't swapped out yet.

Other than using an audio amp, any other way for me to listen to audio from RRC while also sending to PC soundcard?

73 John K3TN

i will be able to test it this afternoon US East Coast time. I think I actually had that crash the other day.

73 John K3TN

Thanks, Dennis - I don't have an external sound card, will try to use the laptop sound card for RX.

Turns out this cheap laptop has one of the new single, 4 "line" mini-phonos for  headset plug in vs. separate mic and headphone jacks. Now trying to find one of those adapters in time for WPX RTTY.

Thanks, Mitch - I sort of figured that, but was scratching my head thinking: is the RX audio going over the USB connection from Control RRC to PC? I've gotten so sucked into virtual ports, Device Manager, etc. I sort of forgot about those good old audio paths...

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