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Any one try new firmware?
I use: OS XP SP3, TS 480
I can  change all the set (slide control, Pre, Att, ecc) at exception of the frequency! It seems to change after 1 sec came back at preview.
I tried on 2 different computer(OS XP SP3), same problem
Any suggestion?
My best regard IZ7ANL

General discussion / Problems Firmware 1.5.3 & 1.5.4
« on: 2012-05-28, 23:43:15 »
with firmware 1.5.3 & 1.5.4 I can't connect sometimes TS480 and Prosistel rotor.
All it's ok with 1.5.2!
I am using windows XP professional service pack 3
Any suggestion?
My best regard

General discussion forum / Expert 2K-FA
« on: 2011-12-13, 19:10:45 »
I would like to remote Exper 2K-FA, but it has a USB connection. Has anyone expirence how to remote this amplifier? or any device suggestion like "host USB stand-alone converter" USB to RS232 or USB to ethernet
My best regard Nicola

General discussion / Com1 & Com2 sometime
« on: 2011-12-06, 18:28:31 »
I am using TS480 connect on Com2 (HDR work ok) and I tried to use Prosistel rotor on Com1 but it seems impossible to use HDR rotor application by RCC-Micro PC. Of course I used a inverted cable to connect prosistel and Com1.
Anyone has experience on those connection?
Is it possible to use more device with RCC-Micro PC I mean Com1 & Com2 sometimes?
Has RCC-Micro PC any limitaton system?
My best regard Nicola

General discussion forum / Antenna Switch/Rotator Contr.
« on: 2011-11-02, 17:53:15 »
Can I use sometime automatic switch antenna and RS-232 Adapter cable 1216S? I would like to connect in parallel 2 adapters RS232, 1st connected directly to RTX (in my case TS480) and 2nd connected to Prosistel rotor. Can it work?
My best regard Nick

General discussion forum / Webswitch 1216H & Login/Password
« on: 2011-10-17, 18:58:08 »
It is possible to have in the future login & password?
My best regard by IZ7ANL Nicola

General discussion forum / ProSiStel no link
« on: 2011-08-24, 00:49:21 »
Any link is avalable on page ProSistel Rotor. Any body can help me to configure and a picture to connect RS232.
My best regard
Nick 73

General discussion forum / jitter buffer size
« on: 2010-12-10, 22:40:11 »
how is the number to set in the fild jitter buffer size ? I use Micro PC client
Many thanks

General discussion forum / 1258 V6 & new firmware 2.26-28
« on: 2010-12-03, 13:19:49 »
I can't update my units (1258 V6) with new firmware 2.28. I had this problem also before with FW 2.26.
I have also old units (1258 V4) however in this case I can update them and all it work ok.
Any suggestion?
Best regard

General discussion forum / Micro PC & DynDNS
« on: 2010-11-12, 13:13:27 »
My remote rigs are composed by two 1258 couples, they respectively manage a TS480 and an IC2820, the controls and the unities radio they are connect through DynDNS ( All  work correctly and I am very happy.
The system “micro PC/HRD” works only if in the SIP sets I insert the IP router address but it doesn’t work with the DynDNS.  
With the DynDNS the micro PC connects the router but HRD doesn't succeed to switch on the TS480.    
It is inexplicable why DynDNS works well between 1258 units and it doesn’t work with micro PC.
I tried with 2 different computers and networks.

Gentlemen someone could suggest me a solutions?

Have you a good week end....IZ7ANL Nicola

General discussion forum / FW 2.26 no update on V6
« on: 2010-11-01, 11:31:03 »
I cant update  FW 2.26 on unit 2924 V6.
It's ok on V4.
Ciao Nick

General discussion forum / RCC Micro PC client & TS480 ???
« on: 2010-10-30, 01:35:22 »
I tried in any condition to connect those 2 unit: local, Dinamic IP,3 different computer, COM 0, COM 1 directly connected to the radio ecc
Do u have any suggestions?
can Someone help me ?
Many thans
IZ7ANL Nicola

General discussion forum / RCC Micro PC client & TS480
« on: 2010-10-10, 06:23:25 »
Can I use RCC micro PC client without the control pannel in my radio site?
Amin I would like to use a set RCC 1258 MKII between control site & radio site, and RCC micro PC when I am in hotels around the world. Is it possible?
If your answer it's affermative when will be avable RCC micro?
Your truly
Nicola de IZ7ANL

General discussion forum / TM-D700 setting
« on: 2010-10-10, 05:45:01 »
do you have any suggestion about the setting (hardware and software) that I have to use to remotize TM-D700? can I use the same setting of TS-B2000?
your truly
Nicola de IZ7ANL

General discussion forum / TS-B2000
« on: 2010-03-14, 18:23:19 »
I have some problem for power ON/OFF. In particolar to switch ON I must to click a lot of time the power botton until RC-2000 start. For power OFF, I must to hold 5 seconds the power botton then disappears audio and after 5/7 seconds RC-2000 is OFF.
Any suggestion?
Many Thanks

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