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General discussion forum / Remote Rig Repair
« on: 2017-09-05, 16:26:49 »
I have tired everything that I can but the remote rig control unit will not connect to the base.  This is an existing configuration that just stopped working one day.  There have been not changes to the network, the port forwarding works but internally they units will not connect.  I plan to take the units offsite and see if they will connect remotely but I suspect that they will not.

I do see this error on the control Data Abort at 0x000541a8, called by 0x0004259c

So the question becomes how and where do I get service on the unit?

Paul -W4PGM

My box was working fine until a few weeks ago when the power light started blinking slow and it no longer seems to connect to either a wireless or wired connection.  It sees the wireless connections but it never locks.   Suggestion on what to try please.

Paul -W4PGM

I wonder if there has been a discussion of embedding a lightweight browser in the remoterig box so that additional hardware would not be needed when hotel type authentication is needed?  I am not sure what this would take but it would be an excellent addition to the product. 

Paul de W4PGM

I have checked the strapping on both units for proper and continuity and both passed.  Radio does turn on. passes audio but no PTT.   When I put headsets in the remote box and hit the PTT the audio is not muted.   The radio is set to use the RMT mic ( RM-59).  Will the remote rig work with this mic?

Also, to hard test PTT can I short the PTT line to Ground on the unit side (not the mic  side)  of the strapping?  If not what is the test to test PTT on each side of the box?

Paul de W4PGM

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