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General discussion forum / Rotator advice
« on: 2019-04-19, 03:17:38 »
Would anyone know if this small light duty Yaesu G 450C Rotator would be OK to control the 1.5 meter 3 el Yagi or would i need to go for stronger for the lightweight Yagi

Many Thanks

General discussion forum / Re: RTL-SDR V3
« on: 2019-04-15, 22:26:46 »
Ok mike many thanks.

General discussion forum / RTL-SDR V3
« on: 2019-04-15, 10:02:08 »
Hello there would anyone know if possible to work both RRC-1258MkIIs and Kenwood TS 480 to RTL-SDR V3 RTL2832U. The cable has been already installed inside radio to RTL-SDR before but now would like to work with remoterig.

If this is possible to do on COM 1 both boxes how would I have settings in Serial settings in both Radio and Control side and is there anymore changes needed in settings.

Many Thanks

General / Re: RRC Kenwood Nano "license expired"
« on: 2018-12-20, 04:02:14 »
Still never worked Nano, could not get RRC both sides to work until the great help from Mitch.

Tried to install this a few times and test the Nano out sure it says that it was expired now :(

Wish you all the best with it 73s

Hi Mitch,

No the problem is from Control side at my home, when it goes down i try rebooting first from the bottom of page but does not work.
I can see the web page OK fine the control side.

At the radio page this seems to go down when the radio is not working and only shows after rebooting again in the farm. this is the only reason i ask for help at radio side, Will try copy problem next time down Mitch.


Hi Mitch,
I have notice at first it sounds like a bad connection between my home and where radio side is located.
This has been installed again for over 5 weeks and seems to go down always before the weekend and need to for help at Radio side.
I can see the status page OK but did not copy what was shown when RRC dies.
Have tried from the connection at my home and also from my mobile O2 Wifi that works OK when away from home.
This has to be reboot from his home as RRC Radio is located outside in the farm and he can't see box flashing.


General discussion forum / Lose connection with radio side
« on: 2018-10-01, 05:36:17 »
Can anyone help me out i always seem to lose the connection with RRC Radio side and have to ask my friend to turn off and on again for control to find TS 480 Sat.

General / Re: RRC Kenwood Nano "license expired"
« on: 2018-09-25, 19:12:14 »
Yes still the same here i did not get the chance to test it out to see how this works out.

General / RRC Kenwood Nano "license expired"
« on: 2018-08-14, 02:40:20 »
Hi there,

can anyone tell me is it possible to renew the Kenwood trial period, never got chance to work this here when Remote Rig was not working for over six months.

Message says trial period stopped by the expire. Can you tell me if this is possible to be fixed with Lic.ID 6d98 or would i have to try install fresh again.

73 de Gary

Hi there,

Finally got both boxes to to be seen at radio side and work ok as a test. But for some reason can't find at now.

Would anyone have any ideas how i cant find the radio side or is there maybe a fix in RRC Control or Radio side.

Best 73s

Thanks Mitch,

Will try and visit radio side today and change the two jumpers about shown in picture.  Hopefully this will solve my problems here with newer version of TS 480 Sat

Best 73s

Hi Mitch,

Would you know not had chance yet to reset the two jumpers from Mic Gnd to Gnd RRC Radio side.

I have tried to turn on but keep getting Hello message showing on face of 480 and can't turn off.

Best 73s


Thanks Mitch

Wired the jumpers at control side now just to visit radio side and hope it will solve my RF problem.

Worked 100% before i changed over to newer version of the Kenwood 480 Sat..

73s Gary

I have been told original radio was manufactured November 2003.

And the second Kenwood 480 Sat was manufactured on April 2015.

Would second radio i would like to use now be Configuration type 1.

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