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General discussion forum / YaesuTwin Inconsistent Controls
« on: 2011-07-07, 16:27:15 »
I finally got my YaesuTwin into full-time operation, after having one of my FT-2000's
upgraded with the NS filter over the last month.

I have experienced inconsistencies between what is indicated on the local FT-2000
and the remote FT-2000. I am running TRX-Manager on the remote side and can view
and control some settings that way using VNC.

Some controls appear to work just fine, e.g. shift, width and basically everything on
the right side of the rig. However, some controls do not work, even if they appear
correctly in TRX-Manager.

One example of this is the power control. I can change the local FT-2000's power
level and TRX-Manager follows it with the slider. However, the actual power on the
radio side does not change, you can see this in the display on the TRX-Manager
monitor screen, as well as through my remoted LP-100 wattmeter. If I then go and
change the slider on the TRX-Manager control screen, the power really changes.

Another example is the mic gain control. This appears to have no effect at all. Since I can
not monitor this in TRX-Manager, I can't verify what is happening. I believe it is not working,
because my output power on SSB is very low, and the amplifier does not appear to even be
in line. Since the amp works in CW, it can not be a keying problem with the PTT. I listened to
my output on a local rig, and my audio appears fine, just the signal is weak due to low power

I can try to figure out which controls work and which don't, but maybe by looking at these two,
mic gain and power, you can see if there is a general issue.

Thanks & 73,
Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: RRC Manager
« on: 2011-06-27, 12:38:16 »
Let me know if you need help by phone or Skype. I can also send you a
checklist that I wrote for people not too familiar with networks technology.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


Probably it would be best for you to send the files to Mike at RemoteRig to analyze and perhaps
let him access your radio RRC. If you don't get further by Monday, I can also take a look, but I
am leaving for Friedrichshafen tomorrow morning.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / CW Key Plug
« on: 2011-06-22, 19:12:43 »
I have a strange problem with the CW paddle connection:

I have three remote installations using RemoteRig and TS-480's that I currently manage.

In one of them, RemoteRig works just fine with a CW paddle cable plugged fully in the RRC's and TS-480's jacks.

In two of them, it does not. If you plug the cable about two-thirds of the way into the jack on the RRC,
then it works just fine. If you move it out a bit or push it all the way in, it doesn't work.

All three installations are identical, both in hardware and in RRC settings.

Anyone have a clue why this would be the case? It is not a "killer" problem, but it would be nice to solve this mystery.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: TS 480 HX: No audio out
« on: 2011-06-22, 16:37:57 »

Did you change your SIP port number from 5060 to something else? If you left it as
5060, you will encounter port conflicts with some routers, since this is the standard
port for VoIP.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

From your screenshots I can't really see anything wrong that would cause it not to work.
Even though you have forwarded everything double (TCP and UDP), that would not cause
a problem.

One thing is not clear....are you trying to access from outside your network, or within? From
outside, you need to enter into the control RRC's "SIP contact" either the Radio RRC's external
IP number, or its Dynamic DNS address. If within your home network, you give the internal
address ( as the "SIP contact" address on the control RRC.

Otherwise, maybe someone else sees something I don't.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Hi Vincent,

The ports being open are irrelevant if your internal network does not know where
to send the connection from outside when that port is addressed.

I can't tell from your screen shots if you have FORWARDED all of the ports to .200
for all of the ports used by the RRC. I think that is the problem, but can't verify it.

Are you sure that your router does not have DMZ (sometimes called something
different like "exposed host" in the router)? Check under "Special Applications".

You should have no problem with VoIP in your router, since you changed the
default SIP port from 5060 to 5000. Of course, you may have a port conflict
with another application, but that is unlikely. You may wish to also change the
RRC's web port from 80 to something else and forward it (and add a password),
so that you can access it from outside over a browser.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


Try something else: place your RRC in the DMZ in your router. This will solve
any port issues and you can see if it works or not.

If that works, you can either leave it in the DMZ, or else figure out what is
wrong with the port forwards. If it doesn't work, then you know the problem is in
the configuration in the RRC.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Hi Vincent,

It could be one of several things, but a couple to look at:

1) Did you put the correct SIP port into the control RRC (5000 in your case)?
2) Are you addressing it via the external IP number (if I understand you correctly, you did)?
3) It looks like you only opened-up the ports in your router. You must forward these ports
to the internal IP number ( in your case) for it to work. I bet this is the cause
of your problem.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: Problem with TS-480
« on: 2011-06-20, 13:59:05 »
I still think something is wired wrong, or else a jumper is broken. I know out of
personal experience that these jumpers are not as easy to place as they look.
I had some problems at first and had to replace two of them. Now I use needle-
nose pliers to set the last couple of mm in the hole, I learned my lesson.

If you are 100% sure that everything is correct, then I am afraid that the
RemoteRig team will have to step in and help you out.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: Problem with TS-480
« on: 2011-06-19, 21:22:09 »

Did you set the jumpers as per the instructions on page 132? If so,
please double check them to make sure that you didn't wire them wrong
by accident. Pin 1 is on the top when the socket is on the right looking at
the RRC.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Hi Costas,

Sorry, I did not understand your problem then, I thought the head didn't work at all with the RRC.

I did some checking and could not replicate your problem. I also could not find a method to mute
the speaker in the TS-480 menus. Sounds like a hardware problem somewhere. What doesn't make
sense to me is that the headphone jack works, but the speaker doesn't (except for a second when
you pull the plug). I would check the speaker jack on the head to see if there is a short or similar problem.

Otherwise, maybe someone else has an idea? It does not appear to be a problem related to RemoteRig
at all.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Did you remove JMP2 as per the manual to make sure the head receives 9 volts?

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / FSK
« on: 2011-06-01, 14:37:09 »
Has anyone been able to use their RemoteRig RRC to do "real" FSK, not AFSK? I am
not a digital mode person, so I am not sure if this is possible.

I am getting involved in an interesting project that may use K3's controlled using
RRC's, but apparently FSK is a requirement.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: YaesuTwin Install Problem
« on: 2011-06-01, 14:17:59 »
Just to bring everyone into the loop, since I was communicating directly with Mike....

I found the problem. You absolutely MUST use the supplied CAT cable at the control
side. Since my RRC is on the floor, I had used an existing serial cable which passes
through all the pins. When I put the one that came in the box in the line, it started
working as expected  :)

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

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