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General discussion forum / Re: remote scanning of ports
« on: 2016-02-20, 23:45:06 »
I have changed port numbers and the 1258 IP a few times with no change in the audio problem. The problem does appear to get worse with the frequency of the scanning as indicated in the router log. As I understand you  the scanner is sending the requests to so I have no control over that, the fact that there is nothing there is irrelevant. I have removed all other computers from the network except a 4GLTE CellSpot with no change in the problem. I have suspected the cellspot but a test with it removed an using the LTE network direct from another location still had the problem.  This morning after the system was shut down for a while the link worked fin until the scanning restarted. I have spent may hours trying all security measures and priority setting avilable on the router with no success. Jan was not able to make a good connection to the radio RCC while it was running I have not given out the IP or port number in use now. The router han never shown an clashes in IP numbers.

Thanks for you help

73 Brian KF6c.

General discussion forum / Re: Nano License
« on: 2016-02-20, 21:20:44 »
Thanks. I thought I put the Id on the order.

73 Brian.

General discussion forum / remote scanning of ports
« on: 2016-02-20, 21:18:06 »
I am getting breaks in the audio of my K30 RRC1258 set up. It appears to be due to remotes scanning the ports of which was the IP of the Radio RRC. I have changed the IP and the port number of the 1258 but the scanning activity on is still disrupting the audio. I no longer have any port forwarding shown for in the router setup. I cannot find any setting on the router which can fix this problem. The router is Netgear AC1900 model R7000. I have see articals that suggest that that consumer router many not have enough security. Am I missing something, does anyone have any suggestions for solving this  or a recommended router that can prevent this scanning from braking the audio.

73 Brian KF6C

General discussion forum / Re: Nano License
« on: 2016-02-20, 18:21:22 »
How long does it take? My order was confirmed on Wednesday and it just gives a download link and a date of expiration. The app still just indicates the trial has expired.   

Thanks Brian KF6C.

General discussion forum / Nano License
« on: 2016-02-20, 16:57:45 »
How do I download the license for Nano?

I did a reset on the radio rcc and reset all my settings, the system is working again.  I seems that I must have deleted the sip password on the control end without realizing this affected the LAN.

I still have a problem operating over the net. I am sure this is some setting I have messed up because it worked before.

There are breaks in the audio  about once per second but not evenly spaced. I am using a mobile phone on the controls side but as I have had it working perfectly using this before. The Audio Quality seems to have no effect.

73 Brian

Hi Mike
Thanks for the help.  In using the USB link I can find the password but using a user name of kf6c that password does not give me access to the RRC. I probably do need to do a factory reset default. The only thing I can think that required this password is when I reloaded the firmware. Is there a factory default user name?

Thank you for you help Brian KF6C.

I have had my Elecraft K30 set up for about a month.

Although it worked out of the box on my LAN it has rarely worked over the Internet. High speed cable link.

 I was trying to fix breaks in the audio, playing with audio quality settings, when communication between the radio and control failed.

It no longer works over the LAN and is requiring a password, that I don't have and never used, to gain access to the radio on the LAN.

I could read info from both radio and control IP before the password issue.  At that time the sip IP was set to the LAN IP address and all settings looked as per Elecraft and Microbit manuals.

I would appreciate any information on why I need a password and a guide to diagnosis of a failed system.

73 Brian KF6C.

General / Re: Invalid App License
« on: 2016-01-19, 21:13:16 »
Can you send an email address to send the IP address to. I assume all you need is the IP and password. I am using the latest version of firmware.

73 Brian KF6C

General / Re: Invalid App License
« on: 2016-01-18, 16:55:03 »
It does not work all I get is Invalid App License and I cannot use the webstore because I get no response from touching the License number on the app. When it works it is a great app but I have seen it work very infrequently and never twice in a row.

General / Invalid App License
« on: 2016-01-17, 19:02:33 »
I get an Invalid App License when I try to connect. It sometimes resets and works but I have not found what controls this. I have only had the app for about 2 weeks. I would like to buy a License but nothing happens when I check the License ID (41fa).

I tried on a different phone of the same type (Samsung S6) same result. I am using the IP of my router. If I try to use the DDNS provide by remoterig I get a SIP error wrong password.

General discussion forum / Re: Cellular connection
« on: 2016-01-14, 08:20:05 »
I installed version 2.87 the units came with 2.86. I had Nano working to some degree over WAN. The radio turned on and the immediately turned off it did this three or four times then it turned on and stayed on but Nano only had the bandwidth, manual freq entry and connect disconnect  working but nothing else ( I have seen this condition quite often). I also often have seen the state where the connect disconnect are reversed. The mobile hotspot dropped out on the phone and Nano  displayed "Invalid App License".  It is now back to the bandwidth, manual freq entry and connect disconnect  working and no audio it is giving the correct radio frequency . It has started to display all controls and is now tuning the radio but no audio. changing bandwidth a few times caused the control to go gray and stop working. The PTT does not appear to work radio is still tuning from phone. Band change works. Mode is working and has returned the bandwidth control to working. Touching disconnect turned the radio off it also disconnected the mobile hotspot (probably not an app issue.  After reconnecting the mobile hotspot touching the connect/ disconnect four times in succession turned the radio back on in the bandwidth only mode. I don't know if this information helps if it does I will attempt to keep as good a record as I can if not I will try to keep only the relevant issues.
I now appear to have the Elecraft twin working over WAN after purchasing the Microbit wifi.
73 Brian KF6C

General discussion forum / Re: Cellular connection
« on: 2016-01-08, 18:50:40 »
After factory reset of the RRC the   Name and Password   window went away and the RRC units are working on LAN.

These are some of my results I am not sure how repeatable any of them are.
The Nano had stopped working but after uninstalling  and reinstalling it, it worked again.  It is was working using WAN with the SIP contact set to which is the External IP of the router. The RRC is set DDNS. After changing the phone running Nano to look at the settings and returning to Nano (radio sound did not go away) the bandwidth, manual freq entry and connect disconnect  are working but nothing else. Changing to DDNS setting stopped the Nano. Changing back to the router External IP caused the Nano to start again with the same limited control as before. The connect disconnect button reverses at times. After restarting Nano it is working fully. Now after a number of reinstalls I get an invalid app license.

General discussion forum / Re: Cellular connection
« on: 2016-01-07, 17:22:53 »

General discussion forum / Re: Cellular connection
« on: 2016-01-07, 08:07:30 »
I obviously did not read the info on the micro it clearly states it is for use with such as Ham Radio Delux sorry!

I have suddenly another problem. I have been using IP for the radio RRC as supplied by Elecraft up to now with no problem but now it requests a user name and password from

Brian KF6C

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