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General discussion forum / Missing virtual drivers
« on: 2018-11-24, 03:49:05 »
I have an Elecraft Twin setup using a K3 and K3/0 mini. All works well, both at CONTROL and at RADIO sites.

I am unable to establish rig/CAT control on CONTROL side. On the RADIO side I have a serial cable (with keyspan adapter) going from COM1 on RR to the computer and am able to get control.

When I try this same set up CONTROL unit I am unable to get it to work.

On both RADIO and CONTROL sides, I do not see any Microbit Serial drivers. even though I have installed and reinstaled the Setup program several times. The only COM port I see is the Keyspan adapter when it is connected to RR unit. Without adapter, I see no COM ports.

I am on Windows 10 Ver 1803. Could there be an incompatability problem?

Phil, W3HZZ

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