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Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / 1216h + 1216 l+ kempro rotor
« Last post by ea5xv on 2018-03-18, 20:10:08 »
Hello , I’m the user of:
HAM 4.20
1216 L HW>=S.FWS
I thied to use it with the rotor.
KR-2000 - of  half sphere.
But I only get to charge the complete sphere.
I would like you to guide me, step by step, so I can be
Able to change the url image.
So that it would be half sphere too.
Betty González Santana
General / Re: nano and galaxy s7 not working
« Last post by OH1MTS on 2018-03-18, 15:53:18 »
NANO works with Galaxy S9, problem was that  I forgotvto turn on permission in phones VPN software settings.
General discussion forum / Re: dns
« Last post by w5rhr on 2018-03-14, 18:27:18 »
did you try  with your ddns entry?
General discussion forum / dns
« Last post by tomdelaney on 2018-03-13, 21:09:23 »
Is the remoterig dns still working?  I submitted my remoterig and see my external IP address, but can't connect to it.
I just ordered an AS 1289

so I will have complete remoterig system
the RRC-1258 MkII and factory cables
WebSwitch 1216H
rotor control 1216L
and now antenna switch

Thank you, order was just placed and received ur email!
Yes both SO and N version are available from our webshop

73 de mike
General discussion forum / ARE THE AS 1289 in stock from the webstore????
« Last post by w5rhr on 2018-03-12, 21:23:53 »
HRO in the USA has none I want to order but want to know if they are available for shipment from the microbit web store

thank you


Remoterig only transfer the audio, if variable audio is connected to the Radio-RRC, variable Audio will be ouput from the Control-RRC. If you use a TS-480 you have the second audio channel free so if there is a fixed level output from the radio it can be transferred through the second channel.

73 de mike

Hi Mike and Dennis.

Thank you very much for the answer. I will take a look at the second channel method.

Using the Signalink with the variable output from TS-480/Remoterig is not a big deal however. The Signalink has a convenient volume control on the front so it is easy to compensate there for the variable output.

I hope the use of the CW decoder is only provisional. I have recently returned to the hobby after about 30 years inactivity, so my CW is not as good as it should be. I received my license in 1964, and even used TF3OM/SM7 1969-1971 while studying in Lund ( @LTH). 

Remoterig is a great product :-)

Thanks again

Vänliga hälsningar / Best regards


I have never used a Signallink, so I don't know what inputs/outputs are available.  At my remote station, I use a regular USB soundcard and run the Remote rig audio thru that for RTTY decoding.  For all modes, I plug my phones into the USB soundcard output, and adjust the soundcard volume control to control the audio volume of the rx signal.  I then set my audio level from the RR unit to a good one for decoding and leave it there.  The soundcard provides the variable audio I need for normal operations, and the RR unit is now putting out a constant audio signal.

Dennis W1UE
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