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Hello and my apologies if this question has been asked before. I did search for G1000DX references but the only topic I uncovered didn't address my particular question.

I thinking of purchasing a pair of standard RRC1258 devices to remote the operation of my IC-7300. The transceiver location also has a Yaesu G1000DX which is controlled by a ZLP DigiMaster GS232 interface connected via USB to the shack PC. The PC is running Logger32 and N1MM so the rotator is controlled by whichever program is running.

Can the GX1000DX be remotely controlled by via the RRC1258 and the ZLP DigiMaster? If so, what is the connectivity as I see there is an RS232 port on the RRC1258 and a mini USB?

Both the shack and the operating locations are equipped with good internet connectivity (wifi and ethernet).

You may guess I am a complete 'newbie' to remote operation so thanks in advance for any advice..

73, Duncan G3WZD

General discussion / Re: WiFi nodes
« Last post by K7FL on Today at 05:23:14 »
Thanks Mitch. I am aware of those sites, but this network has no secondary T&C screen. Iíll chat with the webmaster of the site.
General discussion / Re: WiFi nodes
« Last post by dj0qn on Today at 02:46:58 »
The JetPack is a portable hotspot that you own and uses only a WPA passwort for authentication.

If you use a public hotspot anywhere, such as a hotel, you will need to click or enter something on
a web page that comes from the Radius Server in that network. The RRC WiFi module does NOT
support that, it only supports WiFi that doesn't require a Radius Server authentication. You would instead
need an external WiFi extender/bridge with an ethernet connector to make it work without a problem.

If you search this forum for the keyword "hotel" or similar, you will find a lot of discussion on this subject.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
General discussion / WiFi nodes
« Last post by K7FL on 2019-02-14, 20:34:56 »
I successfully use a Verizon JetPack for WiFi connections while traveling. Today I attempted to connect to a Wifi network in a resort. The site is password protected ... I scanned for nodes, found the one desired and entered the password in the Microbit ap ... all exactly as I do with the JetPack. However, I canít get the 1258 to connect. The signal strength of the node is -65 ... the JetPack is stronger, about -35. Thoughts? Perhaps the issue is on the resort end but thought I would begin by asking here.

Las Vegas
Thanks Mike.  That explains it perfectly..


General discussion forum / Re: AS-1289 Automatic switching via ICOM 7100
« Last post by sm2o on 2019-02-14, 12:52:18 »
You connect the CI-V interface from Radio-RRC Com2 to the Radio-CI-V port. The CI-V interface has to be proper one with separate power supply.
Radio-RRC Com2 is set to mode 2 and a baudrate that match the radios CI-V baudrate. The setting for ICOM CI-V in the AS-1289 is quite well explained in the AS-1289 manual.

73 de mike
General discussion forum / AS-1289 Automatic switching via ICOM 7100
« Last post by mikewings on 2019-02-12, 15:50:51 »
Hi.. I have an ICOM 7100 running remotely with RemoteRig 1258MKII and that has been working fine for months now.  I added an AS1289 for remote switching antennas and it is configured and working manually fine as well.  I am having trouble getting the 1289 to switch antennas automatically via the frequency selections.  Is there a good way to debug this .. I am a little uncertain of the CI-V configuration.  I do have an MFG antenna tuner connected to the 7100 via the remote Tuner Control socket if that makes any difference.. I think I have all of the parameters set correctly but since I am somewhat unfamiliar with just how the 1258 controls the radio, I could use a little help.
General discussion forum / Re: WiFi replacement antenna?
« Last post by dj0qn on 2019-02-11, 06:35:34 »
General discussion forum / WiFi replacement antenna?
« Last post by K7FL on 2019-02-11, 06:25:40 »
Suggested sources? My original antenna has become intermittent

I am contemplating purchasing Remote Rig to operate my ICOM IC706mk2 at my other QTH.  I am just looking for a basic no frill setup to run SSB,  my antenna will be a mutiband dipole so no need for a rotor or antenna switch.

I am planning on modifying the ICOM separation cable and I understand the instruction so that is not a problem.  Also I am planning on  using the Wifi adapters in both remote and radio units,  BUT is it easier to use the LAN port ??   I want this setup  as simple as possible

So my concern is once I getting the units working on the remote network at my current location then I move the radio side unit to my other QTH, what changes do I have to make to the remote and radio side units??  is there a "cheat sheet"  or any easy instruction ?,  I have never done this before and it seems a bit intimidating.  If there is some kind of step 1 step 2 etc cheat sheet someone has it would be appreciated.  My current location does not allow antennas so hopefully this works out

Need a fool proof setup,  QTH's are far apart so impossible to run back and forth.

thanks, Kurt W1WWA
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