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What firmware versions are you running on the two sites? Are they the same and up to date? What version
is the control RRC running?

Are you using the same port numbers for both sites? If so, are you attempting to access both from the same
control location simultaneously?

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX
GE all:

Using a TS480 and the remote rig.  We have two identical setups.  One of the radio sides of the remote rig seems to have just stopped.  When I check the status it shows connected and OK … see below.  When I attempt to turn on the radio side from the remote, I get the typical dull sound that indicated success, but the control side never lights up.  When I press the disconnect button in the browser, I get normal shut downs of the radio turning off.  All this is being done locally using 1 switch.  When we interchange the radio box we get success.  Any ideas.  Thanks 

I have noticed that the older radio box does have a disconnect button on the status  web page and the newer radio box does not.

Paul /KC5CYY


Value P.2             ON
Connection status OK
SIP status            Connected/transfering
Last SIP error       None
RTP status            Excellent(59)
UDP cmd status    OK(45)
SIP command timeout 0
Rx Jitter buffer size 4
Rx Jitter delay 3
Dual Rx 0
Current audio packet size 20
Current audio quality 2 - Linear 16 bits 8 kHz
External IP
SIP Out port 13000
SIP In port 13000
Audio Out port 13001
Audio In port 13001
Command Out port 13002
Command In port 13002
External SIP In port 13000
External Audio In port 13001
External Cmd In port 13002
Other party
Other party(mac) 00:1e:fd:01:8a:a8
Input 1 High
Input 2 High
Output 0 Low
Output 1 Low
Output 2 Low
Dynamic DNS status OK
Ping status (watchdog) Off
DNS status OK, =
Active profile Default
PTT status OFF
Antenna-Switch (IP) not connected
Common network settings No
System messages No

General discussion forum / Digital modes
« Last post by M0UOO on 2019-04-21, 19:23:12 »
Hi Group,
I am currently running the remote rig system with the Icom 7300 and then the RRC micro 1258 unit on my laptop which works very well but have been trying to see if I can operate digital modes on the remote system.

First question is it possible as I could see anything in detail about operating digital over remote rig I am using the latest version of Ham Radio deluxe.
At present I can hear the digital noise, but the computer doesn’t seem to see it, when I open the sound bar up, I can see the level of volume on the windows bar for the computer and the micro unit but HRD and DM780 are at zero.
So, my thinking is if it is possible, I need to do some kind of patch with the audio both ways in the laptop? Or is it in the HRD/DM780 setup?

Many thanks

Hello Mitch,

Setting RTP to continuous would most likely solve the Mic audio problem, but it would add additional data to the cell service we sometimes use.  I have opted to not use CAT PTT and use the DTR option in WSJT-X to key the radio.  This is working just fine.  As noted in the RCc manual, RTP continuous can also cause security issues.  The system is used mostly for SSB operation and I would rather not keep the mike active all the time.

RTP explains why I was not able to pass audio.  Evidently, PTT at the mic connector needs to be active in order for the control RCC to pass Mic audio.

Thanks for the tip.  Joe K1ike
General discussion forum / Re: cable TS-480 to microphone connector
« Last post by K1IKE-Joe on 2019-04-21, 12:02:11 »
Setting RTP to continuous will fix this problem, but can cause excessive data use on a metered service like cell phone data service.  Also, as the manual says, it also can be a security issue.

I'm using WSJT-X at the RCC console end and finally got it working properly by NOT using the CAT PTT option.  There seems to be an issue with passing audio thru the Mic jack on the control RCC when PTT is not active.  I don't want to use RTP set to continuous because the primary use of the RemoteRig setup is for SSB.  I opted to use the DTR method of PTT in WSJT-X software for the Kenwood TS480.  This requires another serial COM port, but works well.  I'm presently using a RigBlaster nomic interface and 2 USB-to-serial adapters on my laptop computer.

During troubleshooting I watched the serial data stream coming from the computer to the control RRC.  The WSJT-X software sends the CAT command "TX;" instead of "TX0;" when using CAT PTT.  I compared this to Ham Radio Deluxe and the Kenwood ARCP software that uses the "TX0;" command for PTT.  At first I thought this was a problem, but the Kenwood documentation says that the command "TX;" will default to "TX0;". (see the attachment)

If you don't want to use 2 COM ports (one for CAT and the other for PTT) you can use the Signalink-USB and eliminate the need for a USB to Serial adapter.  But, you will have to use the VOX option within the Signalink to provide PTT.  Not always the best choice, but it should work.

73, Joe, K1ike
General discussion forum / Re: erratic CW
« Last post by HB9CVN-4F3CV on 2019-04-21, 11:28:02 »
thank you
Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: ICOM HM-151 keypad working??
« Last post by PD1IM on 2019-04-20, 21:30:03 »
thanks.  i will order one
Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: ICOM HM-151 keypad working??
« Last post by sm2o on 2019-04-20, 20:47:45 »

all buttons are working when using HM-151 with ic-7100

73 de mike
Hardware, Cabling, Installations / ICOM HM-151 keypad working??
« Last post by PD1IM on 2019-04-20, 20:00:13 »

I use mij 7100 with the standard handmike but like to buy the HM-151 handmike but are the DTMF buttons all working in remote?

73' . Ingmar  PD1IM
General discussion forum / Re: cable TS-480 to microphone connector
« Last post by La1zm on 2019-04-20, 18:13:41 »
If ptt goes via cat you have to put RTP
Tx mode to continuous (advanced setting control side).
73 de Alf, la1zm
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