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Min remote strular och stänger av sig och får Data abort medd på status sidan i radio rrc som finns i mitt Lan,controll rrc körs vanligtvis över 4Grouter men nu under test i samma Lan.
Använder Remoterigs Dns och Icom 706 med separerad front.
Bytt router till D-LINK samt tagit bort Ddns och kör direkt på min publika adress.
Får starta om radio rrc ofta för att etablera kontakt igen,undrar om nån har en lika router som har gjort lämpliga inställningar.
Jag har gjort portöppning enl vad jag tror är rätt men kanske missar nåt.
Dmz är aktiverad

Vid sökning av rrc via manager hittar den 2 st controll och 2 st radio med samma ip adresser  på denna routern men vid test nu på separat testrouter blir det som tänkt 1 av varje.Kan det vara nåt tok med det måntro??
Detta kan vi glömma då jag monterat en egen router för radiorummet(D-LINK)


Detta visade sig finnas svar på av SM0JZT i ett tidigt inlägg (2009).

Man måste göra port forwarding genom att välja alternativet "virtuell server" i brandväggen  på radiosidans router samt inte använda DMZ.
Bytte samtidigt ut port 80 till 8000 och nu funkar allt utan avbrott

I am a complete novice at this, so forgive this basic question.

I am running a K3 and K3/0-mini in twin mode. At the remote station, I have an antenna switch, AS-1289, connected to the RR through the D-sub. As I understand it, I have no other serial ports available for CAT control of the K3 from the remote position. Is there a workaround that will allow me to run both the AS-1289 and CAT control of the K3 at my remote station. I am mostly at the remote location, so CAT is needed. (I am able to get CAT control of the station from the control position using a USB, mode-7.

Phil, W3HZZ
General discussion forum / Re: Help with RRC Client No 1278 in drop down
« Last post by dj0qn on 2018-08-26, 16:50:41 »
Hi Don,

The answer is you won't. Microbit switched to a new version a couple of years ago that no longer has the sound card built in. Instead, it uses the two jacks for paddle and PTT.

You should just use your computer's sound card or a headset.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Gesendet von meinem SM-G955U mit Tapatalk

General discussion forum / Help with RRC Client No 1278 in drop down
« Last post by dcoulson on 2018-08-26, 15:48:04 »
Hi Everyone,

I just got my remote rig and the rrc client. How come in the RRC client the under the mic and speakers drop down i do not see the 1278 dongle listed. The drivers are installed but only the pc sound card items are listed?

Don C
iPhone App / IPHONE
« Last post by f6dqz on 2018-08-24, 12:02:55 »


Do you plan to implement rotator control in iOS app?

Philippe F6DQZ

General discussion forum / RRC no longer connects to iphone 7 via wifi
« Last post by GM8WJK on 2018-08-24, 11:07:27 »
I have used RRC successfully via iphone and other mi/fi devices for over a year. Following a few months away from using the system, I find that the RRC will not connect with the iphone 7 hotspot, or any other mobile cellnet device for that matter. I should say that the iphone does report that it is connected, however, the RRC green power light remains flashing and will not lock on. The RRC connects as normal to my home wifi. Can anybody help? I've seen some other posts relating to iphone connections but they don't really resolve my problem.

OK, thanks.  The good news is that I can stop looking for another serial port in this first 1258 set because it does what I want now: CAT for N1MM, K3 control and WinKeying perfectly.  I have a WS-1216H so I'll run my PLC serial line through that.  After I get that running, I'll start setting up the second K3 in my SO2R remote using the exact setup I used on the first, progress is being made.  I've also ordered RemoteRigs' ACOM control unit (forgot the model number) so I can use the amps as well. 

The project is coming together.

Thanks for your help!

Bob K5WA
 Man måste stänga av Dns uppdateringen,då byts external ip adress till min lokala under testkörningen i r-rrc och man slipper få ip-uppdateringskontroll som krockar med
min egna lan testkörning.

Började med ett fel och jag orsakade följdfelet själv pga bristfälliga kunskaper om produkten.

Stänger tråden glad och nöjd ;D

Mvh/SA4BUK      Mats
Hi Bob,

Yes, you are out of luck....there are only two serial port servers available on the RRC and they are both occupied when
using CAT in a "twin" configuration.

You have a couple of options:

1) You can use one of the Microbit control devices for amplifiers and rotors such as the RC-1216H or Webswitch. The latter even has the option
of using a virtual serial port of the remote desktop. I am not sure, but I think this is may be what you already have.

2) You can buy a standard serial port server, such as one from Lantronix. That is the method I use mostly and is very easy to implement and
is very flexible in terms of what kind of serial device you can control.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


I have a question that seems to fit best in this thread.

Similar to the above, I have the K3 twins, N1MM and WinKeyer running successfully with the K3 twin setup as you describe above.  Different from above, I am not interested in FT-8 or RTTY.  I still need one more RS-232 (or RS-485) COM port to run my extensive PLC station control (18 antennas, two 4SQR switches, beverage switching and 4 rotators) system but it seems like I've used up all the COM ports available in the 1258.  COM0 is for the K3, COM1 has Mode 7, Com2 has "Logical parallel to COM0" and COM3 (extra) is used by WinKey.

Am I out of luck using the 1258 MKII for one more serial port?  I also have a WS-1216H in case you can tell me that it has a COM port available.  I'm sure these answers are in the manuals somewhere but I can't find them.

Bob K5WA

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