Author Topic: TS 480 + Expert 1K-FA + automatic antenna switch 1216H IS POSSIBLE?  (Read 2558 times)


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I have cat circuit connected between TS 480 and linear amplifier Expert 1K-FA, so when I exchange band in TS480 also Expert followes. Is possible in the same time exchange also antennas to antenna  switch 1216H?  If is possible how can I to connect  TS480, Expert and 1216H by 1N4148 ?
Thank you. 73, Franco


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Yes this is possible if you only RX on the communication between radio and expert
check the webswitch page and setup for HRD



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si franco Ŕ possibile con un hub seriale, io ne ho costruito ha una sola limitazione che tutte le utenze devono lavorate alla stessa velocitÓ 9600.
Configurazione com2 entra nel hub seriale che alimenta il ts 480 il 1216h e expert. con il diodo non funge
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