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« on: 2011-12-22, 15:17:41 »
I have the "old" web switch 1216E, and there is no forum for that, therefore i use the forum for 1216H. I have never used 1216E, so i am unknown with the settings. You suggest to use an DynDns host name to get to the switch through the router. (i have no possibility to get a static IP adr. from the ICE supplier)I already have DynDns account and a host, in use with my RRC1258MkII. I would like to use the switch to controll the power for my radio, on/of. As the ICE router i use at the radio end only accept one DynDns host, i feel i have a problem. Any suggestion for that?  And one more thing, the 1216E does not have any settings for DynDns like the DynDns settings in the RRC 1258MkII. I have upgraded the software to V.1,07 in the 1216E.  ::)
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Re: 1216E
« Reply #1 on: 2011-12-22, 15:33:28 »
If the 1216E and the RRC are in the same local network you only need one dynamic dns client which updates the host name with the current IP. You then only need to configure two different ports for the two boxes' web servers and so you could reach both of them using the same host name, but with different ports.
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