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CW using the USB port
« on: 2011-12-17, 17:23:59 »
I need some help please.
I have the RRC-1258 MKII units installed and running with a Kenwood TS-480.
The units have the latest software and firmware installed and work nicely using paddle CW however I need to implement software controlled CW and I am not having any success.
I’d prefer to use the USB/DTR connection to accomplish that.
Configuration thus far is as follows:
Control RRC:
Serial Settings:
Com1: Inactive
COM2 mode: Mode-4, Kenwood, Yaesu. Elecaft   
COM2 baudrate: 9600   
COM2 data bits: 8   
COM2 stop bits: 1   
COM2 parity: 0 - Off   
COM2 terminator (hex): 00   
Use USB Com Port as COM2: No

I/O settings:
IN0 mode: Keyer
Out0 mode: I/O
Out1 mode: I/O
Out2 Mode: I/O
USB RTS as PTT Disabled
USB DTR as CW Disabled

Radio RRC:
Serial Settings: Same as above

I/O settings:
OUT0 mode: Keyer
OUT0 on/off: OFF
OUT1 Mode: I/O
OUT1 on/off: OFF
OUT2 mode: I/O
OUT2 on/off: OFF

The manual makes the following statement:
Use USB Com Port as COM0    COM0 can be connected to the USB interface instead of the normal serial interface. When installing Microbit Setup manager a virtual Com port called “Microbit RRC Virtual Comport (COMX)” is installed. That’s the one you should connect to when using HRD or other softwares.
Yes or No (default = No).

How do I find the number of this virtual Com Port since I am guessing that that is an import part of the configuration?

In all honesty I really like the hardware but I do have difficulty with the manual. I really wish someone would put together a “cookbook” with configuration and cabling information for basic configurations new users might want to implement.

I would appreciate any help offered to solve my problem and Happy Holidays to all of you in the forum.


Pete, NN9K



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Re: CW using the USB port
« Reply #1 on: 2011-12-17, 17:46:59 »
Hi Pete,

The virtual COM ports are installed when you:

1) Install the Microbit Setup Manager (installs the drivers)
2) Then plug a USB cable between the RRC and your PC

You can then use the port by:
1) Check the ports assigned by Windows in your Hardware Manager under the ports
2) Change the port (e.g. COM2) to USB you want to use under the serial settings (use USB to "yes")
3) Tell your software to use that port (Windows port number, not RRC)

The software you use needs to match the way you key your RRC. I use TRX-Manager, and just tell the program to use PTT via CAT. Alternatively, you can use RTS or DTR over USB (change under I/O settings).

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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Re: CW using the USB port
« Reply #2 on: 2011-12-17, 22:01:11 »

Thank you for the help! Finally have things configured and running as desired.

Take care,

Pete, NN9K