Author Topic: 1216H Band Decoding with TS2000  (Read 2326 times)


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1216H Band Decoding with TS2000
« on: 2012-03-28, 17:50:06 »
I am using a RRC1258 to remote a Kenwood TS2000 using a RC-2000 mobile controller. I aso use one of the RRC1258 com ports to run HRD remotely using the TS2000 RS232 connection.

I have upgraded the system to enable automatic switching of HF antennas using a Webswitch 1216H with a RS232 adaptor. I have used the Kenwood(FA/FB) no TXD configuration, and set up the Antenna Selection accordingly. To test out the system first I used a direct RS232 connection from the TS2000 to PC running the latest (5.11) version of HRD.

On most band configurations I am seeing relay chatter as the 1216H attempts to change band relays around once a second! Upon investigation the 'last set frequency' as displayed in the Antenna selection menu(refreshed) showed 14100KHz whatever band was selected on HRD. This turns out to be the VFO B frequency that was set on HRD. When 14MHz or any other band was selected on both A & B VFOs there was no problem. However if the band differed the problem reoccurs. It seems to me that the 1216H is decoding both VFO A and B frequencies from the RS232 stream and switching between them. When changing HRD to Kenwood's ARPC-2000 software this issue does not occur.

I have tried connecting the RS232 to decode the data sent from HRD (DB9 pin3) rather
than the data sent from the TS2000. This is stable with only one band selected, however it ONLY changes state when HRD is used to change the band data so does not fully maintain state with the TS2000.

My question is easy: - has anybody any idea how I can fix this?
However I do understand that it might be an issue with either HRD or the Webswith.

Any thoughts would be welcome
John G4SWX