Author Topic: RR1258 and Green Heron Rotor and Steppir  (Read 1966 times)

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RR1258 and Green Heron Rotor and Steppir
« on: 2012-04-19, 21:15:40 »
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1. I am testing now K3-K3 both 1258s connected to a router.
With only the 1258 plugged into the home rs232, all is well - k3s communicate.
With only the steppir plugged into the rs232, the steppir works correctly.
When I plug both into the k3 rs22 with a splitter, the control k3 does not communicate with the home k3.
Does this mean the only way to do steppir control is with a RRC1216H, and then the splitter will work?

2. Green Heron - can it be connected to com1 of the 1258 or is a RC-1216H required?

3. Also implementing RC-1216H control of ACOM 2000a.  It has an RS232 connector.

4. Using an RCS-12 automatic antenna switch which has an RS232 connector.

Will all three of these plug into the RS232 with a 4 way splitter?
Right now I have two 1216H units.  Will I need more?


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Re: RR1258 and Green Heron Rotor and Steppir
« Reply #1 on: 2012-04-19, 21:28:00 »

I have answered this before somewhere.

1. You can not use a splitter to K3 CAT. You should use the RRC:s built in CAT server, the SteppIR should be connected to RRC-Com1 and com1 should be set to mode 6 or 7. See manual.

2. Com1 is occupied by the SteppIR and cannot be used for a rotator in this config.

3. Ok

4. -

If you need to connect more equipment which need to talk to the K3 (antenna switch etc) the splitter should be connected to RRC com1. Nothing are allowed to be connected between the RRC com2 and the K3.