Author Topic: IC 2820 Connection break after few minutes  (Read 1591 times)


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IC 2820 Connection break after few minutes
« on: 2010-01-18, 18:02:53 »
Hi all,

Ive configured a connection with my IC 2820 RIG. It works absolutly fine in commands and audio.
I made several QSO via DSTAR and FM Repeaters.

But after few Minutes (2-5) the Control switch the IC-2820 Unit off. I have to start once again with
the PWR button. then i can stay stand by few minutes again.

Both Remote Control Station are on a cable internet connection which is also used for our main
internet connection 20 MBits/Down 2 MBits/Up on both sides.

Any Idea?

73 de Kurt
Kurt, Vienna Austria