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Programming the Alinco DX-SR8 via RRC does not work


I found, that a setup of the Alinco DX-SR8 with the Alinco Clone Utility is not possible, when the Alinco front-unit and the Alinco main-unit are connected via RemoteRig.

Is that not possible at all, or should I adapt the configuration?


 :o  hmmm ... really no idea, why this does not work?

Probably they use a different protocol for the clone function, I didn't know there was a clone function.


I am sorry to dig up an old post but I have the same radio and the same issue and I can tell you why I think it doesnt work.

The clone/cat connection on the front panel is through the external speaker jack, which cone pin4 is hardwired when the radio is attached to the body to the CPU in the body.

When we remote the SRT that breaks the physical connection between pins 4 on both units(see strapping), there isnt any way to transfer the ttl or cat level over IP.

I have looked at trying the comm ports but the issue is the clone/program connection on the body pin 4 to get info in and out of


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