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Micro-PC and Virtual Audio Cable use for PSK31

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Dear OM's,

I'm trying to setup the Micro-PC dongle to use it with MixW or HRD DM780's.

My initial thinking was to use Virtual Audio Cable from Eugene Muzychenko that should work fine.

And it does partially: fine Rx but no Tx and this is because something goes wrong on the setup and I don't know why.

Here's what I do:

I create 2 virtual cables in VAC
In the RRC setup I choose VAC1 as speaker and VAC2 as microphone

This causes the following error message related to VAC2:

Couldn't open sound device Virtual Cable 2
(and, well, a large message with a "GetVolumeControl failed" among other strange texts)

If I change the microphone to Microbit then it works fine but for sure I've got my Tx signal in the dongle microphone
and I don't want that. I don't want a physical cable doing a loop back to the computer soundcard. I rather would like
to have a VAC2 injecting that signal by software to the dongle.

On the other side, VAC1 works fine with superb reception results and no physical cables: for sure I could do also that
on the Tx side, couldn't I?

Has somebody tried and resolved this question?

Tks & 73 from Daniel, EA3GEO

Just an update:

The VAC control panel allows to check a "Volume Control" box.

I did it and now the error message has changed to "GetMuteControl() failed".

I'm trying to find out, around all these parameters, how to resolve this...



Just a question: why are you doing this so complicated and not just use the USB audio that
the dongle generates? Since you don't need to listen to digital signals, you can use them for
software instead.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


Thanks Mitch for your answer.

Maybe I'm confused on the way I look at this.

I understand the RRC micro as a device that connects to the remote RRC and that "translates" the digital signal it gets from
there to an analog signal on the dongle. That signal is identified (to me) as "Microbit 1274A".

From the way I understand this, if I want that signal "injected" to MixW or DM780 then I've got two possibilities.

The first one would be making physical cables from the dongle to the computer soundcard (and this I don't like).

The second one would be creating these Virtual Audio Cables that "digitally repeat" what they hear on the dongle output and send to the treatment program you want (MixW/DM780). A second virtual cable would take the signal generated from DM780 and send it to the dongle input (mic) and from there through the internet to the remote site.

Maybe I'm confused on the way it really works but, but...

i. The Virtual Cable 1 (VAC1) it works fine for me (but not VAC2).
ii. If I try to use Microbit 1274A in both speaker and mic (this is the USB audio that the dongle generates) then I don't have any result. Just zero. No signal.

How you do that?
Have you this system working?

Tks for your help!

73 ES GD DX DE EA3GEO, Daniel

Hi Daniel,

In any of the digital mode software you can select a sound card to use for speaker
and audio input. Just select the USB sound card that the Microbit dongle generates.

You must adjust the Windows audio settings for this sound card and not only on the
PC Client software. This may be why this wasn't working for you before.

This is actually the easiest way to get digital modes working over RemoteRig, better
than the RRC. However, Microbit has not yet implemented a virtual COM port for FSK
as they have for the RRC, so this method needs to still use AFSK.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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