Author Topic: TS-480 + FSK (MMTTY)  (Read 2430 times)


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TS-480 + FSK (MMTTY)
« on: 2012-11-13, 13:19:59 »
I've just completed the setup for working RTTY via FSK using a TS-480 SAT + RemoteRig MKII and MMYTTY.

All works fine but i've noticed that the "signal intensity" (the amplitude of the signal) on the MMTTY waterfall seems very low.

I can decode the strongest signals without problem but in presence of "normal signal level" MMTTY decodes very bad.

I've compared the same signals on two different PC/RTx (TS-480 + RRig + MMTTY   and  a FT-1000 MP Mark V Field + MicroKeyer II + MMTTY).

With the use of MicroKeyer (always using FSK and NOT AFSK) i can adjust the volume settings of the incoming signal.

I'm wondering if the same is possible with RRig and/or MMTTY.

Just another question: If i use a CODEC with more quality (now i use Codec 0 Alaw 8 Khz) could the signal improve?

Many thanks for any help/suggestions.

Vy 73
Franco, IZ4MJP