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I Phone hot spot
« on: 2013-02-01, 18:41:48 »
I have my K3 Twin setup working Fb on the Lan. I can change the RRC radio setting to my fixed IP and go to an outside hotspot and all works fine. If I try to use my Iphone as hotspot (3G) it will turn on the K3's but no audio or other functions work. The Iphone hotspot will work ok using it to work my laptop. I also tried using my WNCE2001 into the ethernet conn on the RRC and Iphone hotspot same result. I have the wireless mod on my control RR. It sees the wirless signals and I can select etc. The Wnce setup will furnish connection to my laptop though. I've tried combinations of power on-off, reset, Off and on with the hotspot etc. The other screwy part is the Iphone-WnCE2001 combo worked fine during Christmas holidays on my Icom 7600 RR setup.
Any Ideas out there?
Thank you


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Re: I Phone hot spot
« Reply #1 on: 2013-02-01, 18:57:34 »

There is no trick to use the Iphone as hotspot for Remoterig. Nothing need to be done in the Iphone or in the RRC, but often the Mobile service provider has blocked the ports used for SIP and VoIP. If you use the standaRd ports try to change 5060 to something else. They do it beacuse they want to stop people using other services than their own for phone calls.

73 de mike