Author Topic: PSK31 & Other Digital Modes with TS-480, RRC and Navigator  (Read 4076 times)


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Hello All:

I just got a Navigator and connected it to my IC-756 Pro at my home station. Within a few minutes I had made my first PSK 31 contact to a JA.

This was very cool.

I have a RRC-1258MkII, which I will use to remote a TS-480SAT as the weather gets better.

The Navigator uses a 25 pin DB25P connector and they build cables that connect to the various radios. In looking at the cable layout for a TS-480 I see it uses ten of the pins, but two of them are SHIELD.

So the questions are:

If a nine pin cable was created on the "radio" end to be connected to the radio body at the placed needed in the radio for the Navigator to interface with, can this connection be connected to comm 1 or comm 2 on the RRC at the RADIO end?

And then on the control head end, a nine pin connector is connected to the same comm port and then to the 25 pin connector of the Navigator?

Are the "comm" ports on the RRC able to pass whatever is connected to them, to each other?

With a FAST internet connection, about 1ms delay between my remote site and the operating position, is it fast enough for this to work using the RRC's?

I have attached a file showing the cables needed between the Navigator and the TS-480SAT.


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