Author Topic: 1258 II and K3  (Read 1784 times)


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1258 II and K3
« on: 2010-03-14, 17:18:56 »
   I have used the original 1258 in the past. I just updated to the Mark II, and I am using Com 2 at 38,400 for the K3 and Com 1 at 4800 for rotor control. I normally use TRX here at the home (control) qth. The frequency display jumps around, along with other panel buttons. The rotor display also jumps a little. I did not have this with the original 1258. If I use HRD this still happens.
    Are there any settings I can look at? I was thinking about slowing down the rs-232 on the K3, but the rotor control at 4800 does is also. (Rotor is LP-rotor driving a Idiom controller).
   Audio seems rather good, with very few drop outs.

    tnxs, tom K8TB