Author Topic: RemoteRig Radio unit and ICOM IC706MK2G needs to be powered cycled  (Read 1809 times)


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I've set up our 2nd RemoteRig station this week using the RRC-1258MkIIs and an Icom IC-706MK2G.  Everything is working well, except for one problem.  If we leave the system on for several hours with no interaction with the control head, the control head disconnects and will not reconnect to the radio unit.  The radio unit has to be power cycled in order to get the system working again.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Joe, K1ike
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The Remoterig system do not diconnect by it self, it disconnections if the connection has been lost for more than 60 sec. I the connection comes back within 60 sec they reconnect automatically. I don't think the Radio RRC is the reason why you have to power cycle it, It's more likely the router at the radio side.

73 de mike