Author Topic: Icom 706 MarkIIG vs Kenwood TS-480  (Read 2177 times)


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Icom 706 MarkIIG vs Kenwood TS-480
« on: 2013-07-21, 19:32:12 »
I'm getting ready to set up a remote station using the Remote Rig RRC-1258MkIIs.

Which is best to set up, an Icom 706 MK IIG (which I already own 2 of), or a Kenwood TS-480 (which I don't have but could easily buy?

Not looking for a discussion of "which is the best ham radio", but more of does one work better remote.... for instance, is one easier to set up than the other or is one more "stable and trouble free" than the other?

I'm severely "tech challenged" and looking for ease of set up and as "set it and forget it" as possible.




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Re: Icom 706 MarkIIG vs Kenwood TS-480
« Reply #1 on: 2013-07-21, 21:50:01 »

If you already have the 706, then I would say that there is no need to
buy a new rig. Each has its advantages and disadvantages: The 706 needs
to have you "build" the cable for the connection between RRC and radio/RRC
control panel, the TS-480 uses a simple 3-line telephone cord. You need a
separate serial cable on COM2 for CAT for the TS-480, the 706 uses COM0.
I am sure there are several more, none of which should create a reason to
switch from the 706 if you are satisfied. And note that I am a TS-480 user.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX