Author Topic: Featrue request: "Save settings"  (Read 1708 times)


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Featrue request: "Save settings"
« on: 2010-04-06, 17:36:17 »
Hi there,

normaly I use my remote station via fixed internet (remote site)/ADSL (control). Past weekend I've had some trouble with my ADLS connection at home and started to experiment with using a 3G connection at the control side.

As you can/have to change several parameters (I think four on both sides) I would like to request a feature to store different parameter setups, e.g.

Setup 1: low quality, high Rx-jitter buffer size, high Rx Jitter delay, low audio packet size (for 3G)
Setup 2: "default settings" (for ADSL)

So that you can press buttons "store current settings as setup 1...n" and "load setup 1...n". I think that is also useful if someone uses his setup at home and sometimes from the hotel etc.

Mike maybe you can comment if it is possible to implement such a feature or not.

Thanks, Simon (DJ4MZ)