Author Topic: Router Crash upon Band Change (!)  (Read 1297 times)


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Router Crash upon Band Change (!)
« on: 2013-10-15, 19:47:15 »
This weekend I began noticing frequent but intermittent Internet access crashes on my SBC/Yahoo/AT&T 2wire DSL modem/router at my Remote site. At first I was at the Remote site and I attributed the failures to RFI as I had made some cabling changes. I had to leave before tracking it down but left the station in a remotely accessible configuration. Now, operating from the Control site, I have confirmed that the Remote site modem/router is crashing reliably each time I attempt a band change! There may be other stimuli that cause this crash but I haven't characterized them. Band change definitely does it. In time, my auto-ping power switch power cycles the modem/router and things eventually recover so I can try again. The failure is repeatable. Has anyone seen anything like this? Seems pretty weird.

K3 Pair with RRC-1258 MkII boxes at each site was working well until this started happening, coincident with some antenna switching changes that "shouldn't" be a factor in the failures.

Thanks for any ideas you folks can offer.

/Rick N6XI