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radio switching on and off continuously

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I am considering buying the RRC Client so downloaded the trial version.
When I connect to the Radio RCC (which is connected to a FT-857) the radio is switched on and off continuously in a rapid way. How can I remedy this situation?
Miles PA3CVV

OK I understand what you mean.

There is no support for using the RRC-Micro when you do not have the Control-panel connected to the Radio.
As it is today you must have the frontpanel connected direct to the Radio.

We support this funktion for many of the other radios like IC-7100, TS-480, K3-Twin, Yeasu-Twin etc.

When he have time we will check if it possible to run the FT-857 without the frontpanel. It's not that easy you may have to fool the radio that the panel is there.

73 de mike

Mike, Many thanks. I understand. What a pity. Perhaps you will find a solution for  the FT-857.

You write:
>As it is today you must have the frontpanel connected direct to the Radio.

But when I do that, I cannot connect the RCC to the body of the FT-857. So, just to get this clear: at the moment the FT-857 can never work with the Micro Client? Or is there a way of connecting the RCC unit to the radio when the frontpannel is attached?

Best wishes,


Yes, If you connect the front panel to the radio, the FT-857 is like a standard radio and can be controlled via the CAT interface like any radio. Look at the chapter about FT-897.


Mike, that's understood. Thanks again.


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