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radio switching on and off continuously

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Iím going to follow your advice to connect the FT-857 using Micro Client:  keep the front panel connected to the body of the FT-857 and connect the radio to the RCC with a cable between the cat socket of the radio (mini din) and the TTL connector of the RCC. For the cable I will use the FT-897 configuration. Question: the strapping and jumpers in the radio RCC are now set for the FT-857. Can I keep these unchanged, or must I switch to the FT-897 settings?

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You can keep the strappings.



is this restriction still up to date? I intended to use at one QTH the seperated operator panel (works fine) and at another QTH the RRC Micro PC Client.

Greetings from Germany

That how it is, nothing that will be changed.

FT-857 with frontpanel attached is like any other Yaesu without detachable frontpanel

73 de mike


thanks for fast response. Because I need to different control QTHs and one should be with a detached control panel, so another idea (a little bit out of topic):

I asked my Yaesu dealer for a second control panel and it is not so extremly expensive. Would it be possible to buy a second operating panel and a third remote rig MKIIs and use the two remote operating panels alternating in the special FT-857 mode? Or the radio RRC and the remote RRC must be paired in any way?



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