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Cabling CAT-Interface at COM1/2
« on: 2010-04-26, 08:45:49 »
Hi everybody,

I built a CAT-Interface this weekend and want to use ist with my IC-706 at the remote station. Before driving to the station I would like to clarify some open items.

1. The CAT-Interface has a female D-SUB9 connector and can be connected directly to a COM port of a computer. Both RRC boxes also have a female D-SUB9 connector, so I would use a standard male/female cable at the control side to connect to computer to the RRC, but what cable should I use on the remote side? Of course male/male but a straight one or one with RX/TX crossed? I think I have read about it once here in the forum but am unable to find it again :-(

Edit: I've seen that COM2 should have a male connector at the remote side, so using a straight cable there should be ok.

2. The CAT-Interface can be supplied directy from the COM port by tying the DTR line to high level. As the two COM-ports of the RRCs are tunneled transparently, I would expect that constant high level at the local DTR line will result in a constant high level at the remote side. Is this correct and is this valid for both COM-ports or only for one of the two. I remember a comment that one can only use the front COM-port if the control lines are to be used?

3. Related to question 2. What is the maximum current the COM-ports of the RRC can deliver?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

vy 73, Simon (DJ4MZ)
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