Author Topic: OM Power2500A strange behaviour in split mode  (Read 1961 times)


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OM Power2500A strange behaviour in split mode
« on: 2013-12-22, 16:35:39 »
Hello dr OM:s
I am using OM2500A with remote controller in a remote concept with the remote rig concept RRC 1258MKII.
In this set-up COM Port (1) at the remote RRC that is used to controll the OM2500A (via a null modem cable) via TRCVR RS-232 port.  Another COM Port (2) is used to steer the Elecraft K3. COM Port 2 and COM Port 1 are logically in parallell.
Working with OM2500A it works BUT not fully in split mode. The amp keep changes frequency between RX frequency and TX frequency and suddenly makes a random change to an arbitratry frequency outside the ham bands. 
Have anyone any experience with CAT controll and OM amplifiers?  
If I change routing and let K3 CAT go directly to OM 2500 TRCVR RS-232 and the from OM2500 PC RS-232 port to RRC COM2 it works in split mode. Disadvantage is that amplifier has to be in ON every time I want to use the K3. 
Any ides?  
73 Kari

Chris DL5NAM

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Re: OM Power2500A strange behaviour in split mode
« Reply #1 on: 2014-05-27, 11:00:58 »
Did you found the bug? Best is to contact Tibi at OM-Power. A hardware fix needed. Works fine for me.