Author Topic: Web Switch 1216H - Fan Control Mode?  (Read 1686 times)


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Web Switch 1216H - Fan Control Mode?
« on: 2010-05-05, 21:32:20 »
Has somebody experience using the Web Switch for Fan Control Mode?

I have a Temperatur Sensor connected on Input A (9/10) and the measured temperatur is displayed ok.
I set the wanted Temp on Input A to e.g. 25 degree.
In Fan Control Mode I would expect that for a temperature rise above 25 degrees over the cycle lenght of e.g. 5 minutes, the Fan would be switched on via Relais 1.
But this does not happen.

The Heat Control Mode works as expected. Below the wanted temperatur the Relais 1 switches on and above it switches off.

I tried this now again with Software Release: 1.10
Build   : Sep  6 2010 11:02:45

but no change on the behaviour. Fan Mode seems not to work. Any ideas or experiences?
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