Author Topic: Using PACTOR and RMS Express  (Read 2111 times)


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Using PACTOR and RMS Express
« on: 2014-04-17, 16:09:25 »
I am new to this product and have been doing considerable reading on and off the forum to better understand the capabilities of this unit.

Naturally, I like what I see, but I am somewhat confused about some of the fine points.

I am looking at using  Yaesu FT2000 with a PACTOR Modem, sound card, RMS Express, HRD .

Am I correct that the radio, Pactor and Signal link would be installed at the remote  site, and I would use HRD, DM710 and RMS on the computer in my shack??

Are you aware of anyone who has tried this type configuration?



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Re: Using PACTOR and RMS Express
« Reply #1 on: 2014-04-20, 13:57:16 »
Hi  Don

The pactor modem has to be located at the remote site, due to switchover-time requierments of 20msec for pactor. But there is no problem to control the ptc via the serial interface of the remoterig boxes, this part of the installation is not time critical, so you may send the serial output for your rms express software via pc-rs232 to your remoterig box at the control site and connect your ptc to the other remoterig-box at the radio site.

73 de Mark, HB9AZT