Author Topic: Linksys WRT1900AC Router issues  (Read 1550 times)


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Linksys WRT1900AC Router issues
« on: 2014-11-16, 20:16:27 »
Decided to buy a new router and spend $240 at BestBuy for a "good one".

I have found that for some reason - the router is not wanting to put the ports for the remoterig boxes out on the internet (WAN).  The port forwarding stuff all works fine within the LAN. 

I can take a port number that talks to other port 80 web pages (camera - AC switch box - network attached storage) - change it to the local IP address of either of my remote rig boxes - and the external port is no longer open (verified by my laptop using my cell phone to get to the interent - or also by using which is a nice tool).  This is also happening for the other ports used for radio control (Audio - command - SIP).  Somehow the Linksys is deciding the IP address should not be made available on the internet?

This all worked fine with my old Belkin router that I was replacing.  I decided to replace the router because I was getting choppy audio using any of the better audio quality settings and though that maybe how SIP was being handled had something to do with it.  That probably still exists BTW - even when making sure the SIP stuff is disabled in the router. 

After at two hour chat with Linksys which only resulted in my issue getting escalated to someone who could really understand it - I now seem to have Linksys engaged on trying to root cause this.  I'll update this as I make progress. 

I guess for now - this is a heads up that the WRT1900AC might not play well with remoterig boxes - and perhaps someone else has seen this and figured it out?

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Boring, OR