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use of Virtual ports / softports.
« on: 2015-01-10, 09:45:36 »
Hi All

Remote location.
Radio RRC Version MKIIS TS480 in use, CAT from TS480 RS232 connection to com2 in RADIO RRC.
Latest FW version 2.83 installed.

Control end
RRC Version1, latest FW version 2.83 in use. RRC Version 1 has only Com0 and COM1 physically installed in RRC box.
I am using the USB cable between RRC and my PC and in device manager I get 4 com ports.

RRC1258 COM0 (COM7)
RRC1258 COM1 (COM8)
RRC 1258 COM2 (COM6)
RRC1258 COMExtra (COM9)

Are all these soft comports supported by RRC Version1? I have try to connect TRX-Manager to com 2 (virtual port/ Softport control end) and have try to select the different settings in RRC radio and also RRC control but not able to connect TRX-manager “inn parallel” for frequency update to my logging program. Anyone that have similar program HRD, or any other logging program connected and used this way.

I have also used com1 virtual / soft port and try different setting but no luck so far.

I found this in the user manual, i dont see that comX

COM1 can be connected to the USB interface instead
of the RS-232 interface if your PC do not have
traditional com ports. When installing Microbit Setup
manager a virtual Com port called “Microbit RRC
Virtual Comport (COMX)” is installed. That’s the one
you should connect to when using HRD or other

73 Rune LA7THA
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