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KX3 as the controller
« on: 2013-05-14, 17:11:24 »
I have a kx3 and planning to buy a k3 if I can use the kx3 to control the k3 via remoterig.

Any issues in doing this? Which version of rr would be appropriate?

George, W3WO


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Re: KX3 as the controller
« Reply #1 on: 2013-05-14, 17:20:17 »
Hi George,

The KX3 does not *yet* support remoting the K3. Here is a mail from Wayne on this subject
(this is really a question for the Elecraft reflector):

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:    [KX3] Using the KX3 to control a remote KX3, K3, or K2 (limited and experimental)
Date:    Fri, 7 Sep 2012 10:19:17 -0700
From:    Wayne Burdick <>
To:    Gary Slagel <>
CC:    Elecraft Reflector <>,

Gary wrote:

> I'm wondering if it would be easy to set up a kx3 to k3 remote
> option as it seems the kx3 architecture is pretty similar to the k3.

Hi Gary,

The front panels of the KX3 and K3 are quite different, so there can't
really be a 1-to-1 correspondence of KX3 controls mapping to K3

That said, the KX3 does have the ability to do very limited remote
control of another KX3, K3, or even a K2. This feature is presently
experimental and incomplete, but feel free to give it a try. (All
public releases of KX3 firmware have included this feature...we just
haven't said much about it yet.)

NOTE: The KX3 *does not* implement the ultrafast rig-control protocol
that is present in the K3 and K3/0. Instead, we created a moderately
fast version of the traditional "autoinfo" mechanism (AI). What this
means is that if you want the best remote-control performance, you
should control a remote K3 with another K3 or a K3/0, not a KX3.

Using the KX3 as a Controller:

First, you'll need to connect the two rigs together somehow. The
simplest method, and the one recommended for trying the remote-control
feature, is to use a "null-modem" cable. For example if you're using
two KX3s, connect their ACC1 jacks together using a 3-conductor cable
that has the tip and ring connections cross-wired. If the remote rig
is a K3 or K2, you can make a cable with a DE9 at that end and a 3.5
mm plug at the KX3 end, again cross-wiring the RXD and TXD signals.
You could also use the internet or even wiFi, with PCs or RemoteRig
boxes as intermediaries, and we'll have an app note on that at some

Next, go into the menu at the KX3 intended to be used as the
controller and set AUTOINF to RIG CTRL. This puts the KX3 into a
benign, no-transmit, no-RX-audio state, and causes most control
changes to be sent to the remote radio. If the remote rig is a K3, its
sub receiver is turned OFF by the KX3, since a KX3 front panel has no
way to control the sub receiver yet.

IMPORTANT: As with RemoteRig installations, audio in/out and CW keying
are handled separately--not through the controller. That is, you can't
use the local KX3's mic, phones, or key jacks; you have to either wire
the corresponding devices to the remote rig directly, or provide
dedicated media channels for these. The RemoteRig boxes do this. You
connect the mic, key, and headphones directly to them, not to the
controlling KX3 (or K3, or K3/0). At the remote end, these signals are
then connected to the appropriate connectors on the K3 (etc.).

In a future release we might be able to send CW from the controlling
KX3 by embedding the characters in command packets, as well as allow
the use of the MSG play buttons.

At present the KX3 can control the following functions on a remote

AF gain
Filter BW (PBT on the KX3, WIDTH on the K3)
RIT offset
RIT clear

We hope to greatly expand this set of functions in the future. But
again, if want full control of a remote K3, you'll need another K3 or
a K3/0.


I hope this helps. wayne recently confirmed that he has not yet started the work
needed to fully support this.

Also note that Elecraft announced the K3/0 mini, which is a small control panel for
the K3 that can be used instead of the standard K3/0. This should become available
in August.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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Re: KX3 as the controller
« Reply #2 on: 2015-01-18, 18:10:25 »

Is elecraft doing any further work on this?, I remote ctrl my KX3 via the serial com1 and using TRX-Manager.  However if elecraft is doing more work on this I think I will invest in another KX3 :-) I like my TS480 but when listening on 160cw and using receiving antennas I prefer my KX3 :-)

73 Rune LA7THA


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Re: KX3 as the controller
« Reply #3 on: 2015-01-18, 18:14:35 »
Not that I am aware, Lune. I believe that their resources have been entirely focused on the K3/0 mini.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX