Author Topic: Anyone using AT&T wireless broadband?  (Read 1081 times)


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Anyone using AT&T wireless broadband?
« on: 2015-02-18, 20:31:54 »
I only have one broadband option at my remote location - AT&T cellular.  Has anyone in the US had success using an AT&T Unite "hotspot/MiFi" at their remote location?  The AT&T units are made by Netgear (originally Sierra) and are known as Aircards.  It works fine for normal internet access like PCs and smartphones.

The control/remote RRCs work fine on my home router.  It appears that the AT&T unit doesn't have a public IP address so I'm still not been able to make a connection with the remote RRC when I switch to the final configuration.
I haven't discussed the problem with ATT support yet.  I'd like to hear if anyone has tackled this problem with ATT before I do. 


Dick N4RA