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Nano and Elecraft K3


Nano is working well with my Elecraft K3. However I haven't found a way to remotely turn "ON" or "OFF" the radio.  Is this possible with the current level of software?  These are really important features for me. I just cant leave the radio on and unattended while traveling or vacationing.  Any help?

Assuming you are running the RRC on the radio end in "twin" mode (which I assume you do to make
Nano work), then you should have the cable kit for the RRC to K3. One of them goes to the K3's ACC
port and is used to turn the K3 on (a CAT command turns it off). The radio goes on automatically at connect
and turns off automatically at disconnect from Nano.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Thanks Mitch......."twin" mode did the trick. 


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