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New setup with K3


I feel quite foolish ..but really cannot understand the instructions. "If you have a Elecraft  K3, KX3  or a K3 twin setup, connected via a CAT cable from COM2 " ..What does this mean? Do you mean the K3 should be connected to the COM2 socket on the RRC 1258 Control Unit (normally not in the shack) ? The remote Radio unit only has a COM1 plug on it.  My K3 is linked to COM2 on  my PC.   I there any chance that I could have a small join-up diagram? I am reallty quite confused.  Thanks for the help.


Take a look at the two pictures on page 203 and 204 in the manual.


73 de Adde, SM0SHG

There is a COM1 on one side and COM2 on the other side of the RRC. That is where the serial cable is connected.

You can also look at the pictorial in the Elecraft documentation at:

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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