Author Topic: Transmit/receive and receive/transmit delay  (Read 1828 times)


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Transmit/receive and receive/transmit delay
« on: 2015-04-24, 21:39:56 »
I have been doing some testing in regard to the latency issue I have when using the K3/0 and RRC-1258 with Remote Ham Radio.  When I operate  either SSB or CW the other station misses the first part of my transmission because of the delay in switching from receive to transmit. When I end my transmission I miss the first part of the other stations transmission due to the delay in switching from transmit to receive. A couple of words on sideband and 4 or 5 characters on CW are missed. I am using PTT on sideband and  I have the paddle plugged into the K3/0. I notice that the MicroBit set up shows some LF delay and Key delay parameters for  CW. Do they have to be changed? Is there some  kind of Sticky Key setting that needs to be adjusted. I am not smart enough to figure any of this out on my own.

John K2AZ



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Re: Transmit/receive and receive/transmit delay
« Reply #1 on: 2015-04-25, 18:37:36 »

We have demonstrated using RemoteRig with full BK at 40 WPM with no problem. The problems you
are experiencing can be caused by a number of factors, some areas we can explore:

- Make sure that CW monitor is turned off on the K3/0
- Provide more details on keying: are you using a paddle or PC to generate the CW?
- What are your current CW settings in the RRC (LF, key delay)?
- It is likely not an internet problem, unless you have severe latency problems. Ping the radio side and see what the result is in ms to verify.

I am sure we can get this working ok.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX