Author Topic: Low bit rate CODEC option ?  (Read 2035 times)


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Low bit rate CODEC option ?
« on: 2010-08-25, 09:25:20 »
I have a problem with my 3G wireless ISP (Telstra Bigpond) having a economy plan I get 64kbit shaped datarate, after I exceed my data  1GByte allowence. :(
I have 10 acres on my weekender  bush block, have some long wire antennas, very low noise, 300watt solar power setup, a pair of the RemoteRig interfaces with my Icom IC718 be ideal :)
Please Please can you introduce low bit rate codecs (G729 GSM G726) to allow to operate on a 64kbit data rate.
If you offer a low bit rate codec, you will sell heaps in Australia, and outside of USA and Europe where  dont have unshaped broadband.


Frank VK3ZFS

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