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K1UO - Larry:
There is probably something simple involved but I cannot seem to get the Remote K3 to actually xmit (modulate) the JT tones I hear on the control end using a K3/0 mini.  I decode signals fine and I hear the tones here when I xmit and the K3 is keying via PTT but the tones are not "driving" the audio in the rig apparently. 

Im using the local PC and have split the K3 mini speaker jack to feed the PC audio card INPUT but apparently the audio card out must need to go somewhere other than it currently does.  like back to the K3.  I have the JT configuration set for line in and out per the WSJT-X User Guide.

RemoteRig 1258

to  K3/100
RemoteRig 1258

SSB and cw works all ok.

I think I saw a post somewhere suggesting that the "mic" on the remote rig is not actually "driven" by the cat commands...

I recalled wondering how someone addressed this issue - sounds like what's occurring for you...

It's not about software driving the ptt on the K3, it's about having the RR "know" the mic relay "should" be activated!

I hope I'm not sending you down a rabbit trail and my memory is serving me well!

73 de K8OI

K1UO - Larry:
Hmmmm...  possibly I need to also "split" the mic jack on the K3/mini and feed that back to the PC line out of the audio card.  right now I have the Yamaha500 Headset also plugged into the K3/0 Mini speaker and mic jacks.  Yet I have only split the speaker jack and not the mic jack also.  That sort of explains why I can hear the JT-X tones locally and key the Rigs ok but no audio drive.    Now to find more cables......

Hi Larry,
You say "audio card out must need to go somewhere other than it currently does."
Where does it currently go?  The audio card out needs to get to the MIC input on the
K3/0-Mini through a attenuator.

A second problem could be that you need to have the K3's MAIN menu set to
MIC+LIN ON since the tones will be arriving there on the MIC input.  This is
stored PER MODE, so set it ON for USB mode, and then again ON for DATA mode.

This lets you test in USB mode. In the Phone portion of a band, let the WSJT software
key the rig, then see if your Microphone audio is getting through to the radio. If yes,
then unplug your Microphone and plug in your audio card out connection and see if the
tones get through the same way. 

GL, Mark Aaker K6UFO

K1UO - Larry:
Thanks Mark..  Problem found.....  "missing" mic audio cable from PC..DUH!  another senior moment.    Ordered new one but do I really need to go thru an attenuator to the K3/mini?  If so what should I use?   


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