Author Topic: Remoteriggin' from hotels and other Wi-Fi locations with captive portals  (Read 1746 times)

Erik Finskas OH2LAK

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Hi all.

Just to share with you a small piece of information how I manage to remoterig while travelling using either 3G/LTE or Wi-Fi through hotel captive portals etc.

I use a small Mikrotik mAP wireless router acting as a wifi client or 3G/LTE router depending on the use case. The router will do NAT so all clients 'behind it' will look like one as logged in to the wifi, enabling to login through captive portals etc. I have my laptop connected to the router with ethernet cable and I perform the logins with it, and when done, the remoterig starts working too.

In addition to all above, the mikrotik router establishes a VPN connection (SSTP, L2TP, PPTP, IPSec, all protocols supported) to my remote site where I have similar mikrotik router setup. In some locations VoIP traffic is blocked for some reason and thus VPN is the only possibility to use remoterig.

The Mikrotik mAP is a under $50 device. It is not intended for Your First Router but if you are capable of working with network gear, you'll be extremely happy with this.



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That's great!  I was wondering how it would work when traveling to a location that has a web based "auth" portal.  I'm hoping that's implied in the capability of this router?

For example:  Turn on laptop, open browser, get redirected to a "Welcome to Hotel, please enter your room number and name" prompt - you can reply with this router?