Author Topic: RRC Keying using WiFi Connection  (Read 1472 times)


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RRC Keying using WiFi Connection
« on: 2015-11-14, 17:51:10 »
I have the Wifi board installed in the RRC unit .  I usually have the RRC plugged in via Ethernet cable but plan to take it and the K3 Mini on the road. 

When I connect via wifi I am seeing the following. 

When using N1MM+ sending from the paddle (plugged into the RRC) the keyed dots are not clean and erratic.  Sound same if I use the keyboard ESM mode in N1MM.  Useless for on air.   I have  adjusted the COM port speed in N1MM Config area to 9600 and also 4800 but no change...(how could there be when the speed set in the K3 for comms over the link is 38400)

However if I send from the K3 Mini  Memory Slots on the keying is perfect...same as when RRC plugged into the Ethernet cable.

So what is difference sending from the memories vs. sending with the paddle or the keyboard??  Should any settings in RRC or RR R be changed for CW when connected via wifi.  The wifi signal  is -50db .

Frank VO1HP


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Re: RRC Keying using WiFi Connection
« Reply #1 on: 2015-11-16, 08:41:12 »
There should not be any difference between cable or WiFi if the router/accesspoint is working correct. Try to change the settings in the router/accesspoint or test with another. Also check that the router/accesspoint has the latest firmware installed.

73 de mike