Author Topic: How to transmit using the PC-Client?  (Read 1793 times)


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How to transmit using the PC-Client?
« on: 2010-10-10, 20:59:34 »
Can somebody describe how to configure the RRC at the radio side to transmit? Is there a reference for the configuration/cabling.

When using the PC-Client I observe the following issues:

a) Connection is fine and audio starts to flow

b) When pushing the PTT knob, the audio mutes but no TX switching happens on the radio side. After a few attempts of pressing the PTT, the RRC on the radio side hangs-up and can only be recovered by re-starting through the Web interface.

The same set-up used for CV-I control from a RRC on the controlling side using HRD works fine.

I downloaded and installed PC-Client SW RRC version 1.0.12 for 32bit  and the firmware up-date for the RRC-1258-CRC_v2.21_2010-09-24 today and tried again. The problem when pushing the PTT remains. the RRC-1258 Radio Controller hangs-up, looses the connection and re-boots when pushing the PTT.

Mike - any idea?
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