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Problems when trying to operate remote webswitch with nexa card

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I have a problem when trying to operate a remote webswitch's relays and nexa switches. I can only get the first unit (relay or nexa switch) in the list to operate, although I can see all of them. I have described the problem in more detail in the attached word file.
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Jan (Microbit):
First question: Which firmware version are in the Webswitches?

Primary webswitch:
Software   4.20
Hardware   2
Bootloader   1.10
Remote webswitch:
Don't know, will check tonight. It is less than two months old, and I updated it according to the manual before using it.


Jan (Microbit):
It might be worth trying out 4.23 as there are remote WS fixes in that version.

OK, I will try the 4.23 asap


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